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  • Note: Postings related to Archetypes and Sacred Contracts are based upon my years of study with the brilliant Caroline Myss through CMED institute as well as other courses and independant study. Any accuracies in my notes and opinions about archetypes are credited to Caroline Myss - any areas that need deeper or more understanding are my full responsibility.

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Quote of the Day

Posted by Angela on March 28, 2007

A ritual allows us to participate in the enactment of a myth. 

One prepares internally to move with the image and the transcendent comes through.

 – – Joseph Campbell (Thou art That)


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The Archetype of Mother

Posted by Angela on March 21, 2007

Mother is one of the most diverse of the archetypes in my opinion.  Just  think of some of the many different aspects – we have Mother Nature; Grandmother; Virgin Mother; Good Mom; Working Mother; Devouring Mother; Smothering Mother; Teen Mother; Loving Mother; our own mother; Fairy Godmother; Step Mother; Nurturing Mother; Mother Earth (Gaia) and so on. 

Mother is about creativity and the very act of creation.  It is also about nurturing, guiding, and supporting.  Often mother demonstrates tenancity, protectiveness, resourcefulness.   One of the great lessons of the mother archetype is the process of life and mothering.  It is important to create, nurture, empower and release.  Many a mother struggles profoundly with the process of release – thus we have the whole ’empty-nester’.  

Along the way mother may be called upon for willing sacrifice.  Many a mother who has gone through the process of willing sacrifice came through realizing the process broke their heart wide open and they were filled with unconditional love – truly a potential jewel and gift of the arcehtype of mother. 

Mother also is part of encompassing of the symbolic trinity of maiden – matron – crone.   This symbolism of the trinity is itself also symbolic of the seasons or transitions of life which is also sybolised with Mother Nature.  The cycle goes on . . .

Great Destruction as well as great creation are a potential of the shadow side of the mother.  We think of Mother Nature,  hurricanes (hericanes – which until recently were named based upon the symbolism of feminine destructive powers – don’t worry men / father have equivalent myth)  :8)  

So we have polar opposites: Creation / Destruction – and the duality contained within.  The mother archetype can be a catalyst in the lessons of duality, all encompassing, and wholenss.  I suspect this is why we have so very many archetypical faces for mother.  It is truly one of the archetypes that if we bring into clarity and consciousness can help us understand ourselves at a much deeper level.   

I have only touched upon the many and diverse aspects of the mother archetype.  I invite you to share your own experiences with this archetype.

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Quote of the Day – Forgiveness

Posted by Angela on March 18, 2007

 Forgiveness is Alchemical…

It turns the lead of your ego into the gold of Your Soul

– – Caroline Myss

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Quote of the Day – Highest Potential

Posted by Angela on March 15, 2007

What special gift do you bring to this world?

How can you be of Service?

What one thing can you do today to make someone else’s life better?

Likely, these are all aspects of your Highest Potential or Sacred Contract

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Dreaming to Wellness

Posted by Angela on March 9, 2007

Scientists are learning more and more about our dream life and utilization of dream interpretation in achieving health and balance in our lives.  Dreams have many layers of interpretation – that is part of the wonder of symbolic language.  For example dreaming of a suitcase could literally mean travel, or it could be that you are preparing to embark upon a spiritual journey of personal growth; along with many other layers.

Dr. Jeremy Taylor works with the thesis that all dreams come in the service of health and wholeness. By exploring dreams we can often unearth early warning signs of potential or developing health issues.  What are your dreams telling you?  Exploring your dreams with others often mirrors back to you a deeper or different meaning to your dream.  You as the dreamer are the only one who will know if a suggested meaning is true – often you will have an ‘aha’ or deep sense of Yes, that’s it.  Most often the dream is reminding you of something that you already know on some level – the ‘aha’ is often recognition and brings light and attention to the topic.

I was led to explore dreamwork more deeply as I found clients wanting to discuss dreams during craniosacral or sacred massage sessions.  Perhaps the relaxed state allows someone to be willing to gently explore the possibilities, perhaps my training with symbolic language attracts them to want to discuss dream symbology – for whatever reason clients who choose to open up and discuss their dreams typically report back at the next session the incredibly difference dream exploration makes in their lives. 

So what have you been dreaming?

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The Archetype of the Hedonist

Posted by Angela on January 13, 2007

The Hedonist archetype has always fascinated me.  A dear friend once used the phrase getting off the hedonic treadmill .  I just love that analogy for the trap that so many have fallen into – often referred to as keeping up with the Jones’s .  When we get caught in that trap we invoke a negative aspect of the Hedonist – getting all the stuff that we think will make us ‘happy’, only to have that so-called ‘happiness’ where off as soon as the stuff isn’t new anymore.  It’s a viscious cycle.  The Hedonist also brings creativity and the potential to truly embrace joy.

The light or conscious side of the Hedonist is delicious – it is an ability to embrace the good, wonderful, and pleasurable things in life.  It is a celebration of the wonderousness of our world and delving into the beauty of self and enjoyment.  This embracing of life often leads to creative energy and contagious joy.  I believe that many of the wonderful things that we have in this world are the result of some creative Hedonists.

If a person follows the Hedonist archetype from a less conscious point it is possible to find oneself chasing pleasure at the cost of self, health and relationships.  When a person operates on the ‘auto-pilot’ of the Hedonist the potential pitfall is indulgence at the expence of others and self. 

Of course we all have the capability of tapping into the energy of the Hedonist archetype.  We may choose a day at the spa, or a lovely dinner out with friends, or other special time of pure enjoyment.  It’s a wonderful and enticing energy to embrace from a conscious point of view – in fact I may do so myself a little later today!

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