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Quote for Today – Kindness

Posted by Angela on May 10, 2007

Guard well within yourself that treasure, Kindness

Know how to Give without Hesitation,

how to Lose without Regret,

how to Acquire without Meanness

 – – George Sand



One Response to “Quote for Today – Kindness”

  1. Angel said

    I had a c-section 2years ago since then my health has gone down the tubes. I’m lucky to pass a bowl 1 or 2 times a week and when i do it’s diarrhea or so hard i bleed and it’s accompanied by extreme pain before hand. I also had pain during sex while on BC and found out it was cyst at first 5 on left and 4 on right they switch the BC then about 8+ months ago it when to 17 on left and 11 on right side and then fluid was building up they changed the BC again so i said f the BC and haven’t taking any and been feeling much better w/o BC few flare ups but not as bad. Also have scar tissue near the scar i think getting lumps near the scar. Also I’ve been getting striking pains in my wrists back knees and legs followed by lots of numbest in my hands feet beast area and legs. sometimes numbest spreads from fingers to my arm up to my shoulder.Also been more unable to sleep do to pain or not feeling tired. Also was getting lots of headaches so bad i felt sick to move head would pound so bad as if a 18 wheeler was running it over repeatably. it would make me feel like i was burning up with a fever and i’d feel a little better if i was in the freezing cold i would have to take darvacet and sleep to get rid of them i still get them every once in a while. I feel more tired now; then i did before the baby and she’s wonderful and doesn’t misbehave so i don’t know why i feel tired even when i do get sleep. Anyone know what can cause all of this? Please help me! Ty in advance!

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