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Antioxidant Vitamins on the Pharmaceuticals hit list?

Posted by Angela on April 2, 2007

Unbelievable what makes news sometimes!   Last week the national news reported on an unusual article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).  What is so unusual about this article is that it is controversial and apparently not fair reporting or accurate science.  JAMA reported  “Treatment with beta carotene, vitamin A, and vitamin E may increase mortality.” 

Many health experts and critics immediately called foul; pointing out the report from JAMA was not based upon specific research study – rather it is what is called a “Meta-study”.  A “Meta-study” means that they take the results of selected other studies and combine the information as they see fit – something like the old addage that the numbers can be made to say whatever you would like them to say.  In fact this particular report indicates that 68 studies were considered in the meta-study – this is 68 out of over an estimated 2000 studies on the results from vitamins and antioxidants.  Experts are questioning why studies that established that taking these same vitamins lowered the risk for disease and death were excluded.   The national News was fair and actually seemed to focus on the apparent ridiculousness of the JAMA article.  Physicians appeared on the news pointing out potential problems with the studies and recommended that if you have questions that you should talk with your own physician.

Author Dr. Jack Wheeler was so inflamed by this apparant ‘un-scientific’ report that he has accused the JAMA and Phamaceuticals of greed and exploitation.  Dr. Wheeler also explains some of the specific short comings of the studies that were chosen in this ‘meta-study’ in an article written last month and available here.

Bottom line it appears that our health care system is suffering from greed, dishonesty, and integrity.  If it is true that the pharmaceuticals bought a false study and the JAMA was willing to go along with this scam then who are we to trust with issues related to our health?  It is  becoming more critical to listen to your own body and make sure that you are getting the facts that are relevant to you.    


2 Responses to “Antioxidant Vitamins on the Pharmaceuticals hit list?”

  1. An interesting and informative site. Well done!

  2. Angela said


    Thank you so much! 8)

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