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Scar Tissue and Cesarean Birth ( C-Section )

Posted by Angela on March 30, 2007

Over my years of private practice I have treated countless women who experience low back pain.  Their pain has all been similar by a description of pain in the buttocks, sacrum and along the crest of the hips in the back.  A good portion of these women have had children delivered via cesarean (c-section), with resulting prominent scar tissue just above the pubic bone.  Through palpation I have found their lower abdominal region armoured, with very little fascial and tissue glide. 

Through further assessment I found that by stretching or pulling the scar tissue it will typically refer pain into either one or both hip flexors.  The hip flexors or psoas musscles originate at the lumbar vertabrae T12-L5 (your lower back).  The insertion point (or other end) of this muscle is at the lessor trochanter of the femur or in your groin.  When one hip flexor is hypertonic it will typically cause the lower lumbar spine to laterally flex.   As a result pain is manifested, typically either sciatic pain or lower back pain. 

Another symptom I have seen with these clients who have had c-sections is that they may have issues with lower digestion such as irritable bowel syndrome or elimination difficulties.  Again, the tightening created by the scar tissue pulls within the abdominal cavity and thus affects the organs.

Bottom line, typically the scar tissue that formed after the c-section has tightened and pulled their bodies our of balance and the symptoms of pain in the back really originates  in the abdomen.  Fortunately there is a solution that works for most women.  Myofascial and craniosacral help unwind or release the pulling from the scar tissue in the pelvic floor.  The hip flexor(s) can then return to balance or homeostasis.  This relaxation of the tight lower abdominal tissue relieves pressure off of the low back, increases leg movement, and typically relieves pain. 

— Michael



236 Responses to “Scar Tissue and Cesarean Birth ( C-Section )”

  1. Patricia Evans said

    I had two cesarean sections in 97 and 00. I have what I assume is scar tissue in the incision area (feels lumpy and sensitive along the incision) In the last 3-4 years I have experienced irregular lower back pain and very regular hip pain. The hip pain has so far been “almost” diagnosed as a form of arthritis. I’ve seen a rheumatologist for the last 2 years and she says that I am not a classic or bell curve case – I’m an outlyer because I have no other symptoms, but my hip pain, VERY minor skin irritations and some low level blood results point to arthritis. At any rate, is it possible that we should look further into the scar tissue issue? If so, where (and with whom) do I start?

  2. Angela said


    It sounds like you have done the appropriate checking with physicians. If it were me, I would also have soft tissue work done. It sounds like you may have scar tissue and adhesions that may have encroached one of both of your hip flexor muscles (called illiopsoas). These muscles attach in the lower back at your lumbar vertabrae L1 to L5, go through deep in your abdomen and attach in your groin. Because these muscles support your low back, if they are compromised you may have low back and hip pain. Soft tissue work on the illiopsoas may provide you relief.

    Where and whom to start depends on where you live. First of all, as with any health care provider find someone that you are comfortable with and that has the qualifications that fit your needs. It’s Ok to ask questions about length of time practicing, training, areas of expertise, etc. I would look for a bodyworker who specializes in structural rehabilitation or myofascial release. Nationally certified bodyworkers have the option of being listed on the NCBTMB site and listing their specialties. You can look up practitioners by city / state/ and zipcode site at

    If you are ever in Boise, Michael is absolutely wonderful at this type of work and he would be honored to talk with you.

    Good luck Patricia . . . we would love to hear reports back on how you are doing.

  3. Suzie Bishop said

    It’s been three months since my cesarean. I have what I can only describe as lower abdominal pain on the left side from time to time. sometimes it comes as a twinge (righting myself quickly if I trip on something). Sometimes it seems to happen for no apparent reason. I also wonder if my period is trying to normalize or could I be hemoraging? for the past two months(ish) I will bleed lightly for a few days and then a week or two later I will bleed again. This does not seem normal. Please give me what advise you can. Thankyou.

  4. Angela said


    We recommend that you contact your physician – they should be able to tell you if you need to schedule a visit. While your case is certainly outside of our areas of expertise, it is also fair to say that your symptoms sound outside of our somewhat limited personal experiences.

    Blessings to you and your family, and Happy Mother’s Day,

    *Angela and Michael

  5. Shelley Marie said

    I was looking up c-section and scar tissue, trying to see if I could do something “massage-like” to my recent surgical site, that might avoid scar tissue build up.

    I had a c-section 3 weeks ago on May 7th. UNfortunately, my baby was extremely sick and died 24 hours later. I was UP before I was out of the recovery room, in a wheelchair and/or ON MY FEET for nearly 10 hours within that first 24 hour period. Afterwards, I had very little rest and was up quite a bit throughout the following week, due to preparing and attending my baby’s funeral.

    I did not get much bedrest the first 2 weeks post-surgery. After the funeral, I spent all day in town between an OB visit and a CT Scan due to severe abdominal pain. Then I took a 3 hour round trip drive to see a hematologist within 2 weeks post-surgery. I have just now begun really laying around to heal from my major abdominal surgery, yet feeling like I should be up and going by now!!!

    I have been sort of massaging my incision site the last week or so to help it to go down some, and hopefully to help keep any scar tissue from building up. I don’t know whether I should be doing this and if so, if I’m doing it correctly.

    Also, I’ve had some spasm-type pain in my lower back several times. Yesterday was the worse. I had a breakdown. I screamed at the top of my lungs and stomped a foot because I got mad at my daughter, who was being really disrespectful to me. I am a grieving Mommy who needs some understanding and a little love & respect, and I just couldn’t take anymore. I was afraid that I hurt myself by stomping my right foot on the floor and by screaming.

    I saw my chiro last Thursday, but he doesn’t seem to know any special techniques to use post-c-section. I don’t think he does any myofascial release, as some of my former chiros down in FL do.

    Please tell me what I could do to help in my physical healing process. Thanks for any advice you can give me.

  6. Angela said

    Shelly Marie,

    My deepest condolences. You and your family are in my prayers and thoughts.

    I will check with Michael and post more this evening regarding self-massage that may be helpful. In the meantime, I can share that moderate activity is actually very helpful in preventing scar tissue. I would recommend finding a skilled craniosacral therapist – the Milne Institute has a wonderful program and lists qualified therapists on their website. Most important is that you interview the therapist and find one that resonates with you. While this step is always recommended, I think it is especially important when you are in tramautic or extremely stressful situation. Being a grieving Mommy, the nurturing support of a good therapist can really help with the entire healing process.

    Blessings to you in your healing process,

  7. Michael said

    Shelly Marie, My thoughts and prayers are with you! I concur with Angela’s recomendations regarding your scar tissue. I would further add As you get stronger and recieve clearance from your doctor to revieve bodywork, Myofascisal release would help with scar tissue and adhesions. I have a deep keloid scar on my chest and I sometimes rub vitiman E on my scar; it seems to sooth and relieve the tightness. I have found in the years of practice when an individual has surgical work or and injury to the anterior (front) part of the pelvic floor, it many times will refer pain to the lower back. In any case people can find increased range of motion and a decrease of pain symptoms. It is obvious you have been through alot. Be patient and know that your body works very hard every day to achieve homeostasis. If you would like to write back about your recovery process please feel free.

    Live Well,


  8. Golcqj said

    Hi! nice site!

  9. Stacie said

    I had my second c-section 13 months ago. They were actually 10 years apart. After my first c-section I had a few years of terrible on my lower left side. My Dr. found I had a tiny bit of endometriosis. But it was enough to cause the pain. After my second c-section I developed a blood clot and it was removed leaving my c-section incision open for a few months until it healed. I am all healed and I have sharp piercing pain right where I had the clot. It’s horriable. My Dr. for some reason just sits and talks to me rather than trying to find what the cause is. Could something come from the blood clot that I had. It was pretty big and the opeing wa very deep and wide.

    • Angie said

      I hear you, seems in Texas anyways I gave birth to my one and only child emergency c section 30 years ago, its been mortal he## since then, I think I had a obgyn cause I was only 16 when I got pregnant became close to me over those 22 years he treated me then retired, now no one wants to touch me, but im an adhesion pro, they found endometriosis @ 16, c section, and severe scar tissue, well he did several treatments for the endometriosis that were protocol back then, didn’t work, so at 27 I had a complete hysterectomy couldn’t get pregnant anyway was married manyyyyy years never got pregnant, them several lysis of adhesions always bad on my bowels, organs, then 2 open laprootomy style, so today at 47 I sit with a ileostomy due to colonic-inertia, pray can be reversered been a year, appointment soon, im so afraid of the adhesions, that ill be stuck permant ileostomy and hard on me, but im alive but always in pain that no one understands, STILL after so many surgeries, you think at the time the pain cant get worse just do it, well im here to tell you YES IT CAN, please unless you have a blockage which I did have had a colon resection in 2000, DONT THINK IT CANT GET WORSE AND LET DRS CHOP ON YOU, IF I CAN GIVE ANY ADVICE THAT WOULD BE IT, IT WILL COME BACK WORSE AND WORSE EVERY SINGLE TIME, the sepra film they use don’t phase my adhesions, I feel for all with adhesions, should be an automatic disability when you have them as bad as I do and others, leading to multiple surgeries we have drs and believe in them, I do my homework now, cause SOOOOOO MANY dRS WANT TO TREAT SYMPTOMS OVER CAUSE, AS IN PAIN MEDS WHICH SLOW CBMS DOWN ESP BEING ON THEM 30 YEARS, BUT DRS TOLD ME TOO, WELL DRS HERE IN HOUSTON, TEXAS ARE SCARED OF WOMEN WITH ASHESIONS, THEY WILL RUN, INSTEAD OF HELPING I DONT AND NEVER WILL UNDERSTAND THE WHYS, BUT DO THINK ADHESIONS ARE AS PAINFUL AS CANCER IN SOME BUT NOT RECONIZED STILL IN 2013, THEY ARENT SEEN ON FILM UNLESS YOU HAVE A NARROWING FUTURE BLOCK, DRS WILL ARGUE THIS AND THAT THEY DONT CAUSE PAIN, THESE DRS DONT WANT TO HEAR WHAT I WILL TELL THEM,…..PLEASE IT CAN GET WORSE, BELIEVE ME 12 SURGERIES ….47 YEARS OLD SINCE 16, GOD BLESS, TEXAS TUFF AND ANGRY

  10. Michelle said

    I have had 5 major abdominal operations, my scars are old now, but are getting tighter, pulling more, and are more painful than ever. My time of the month is very painful, and I get pain just beneth my scars. I have multiple scars running all the way from my breast bone to my pubic bone. Now I am also having pain with sexual intercourse, and am not able to orgasm. What can I do for my abdominal pain, and the pain in my scars? Is there any thing that can improve the appearance of my scars? 1 year ago I had inguinal hernias repaired on both sides, and my abdominal pain has bin worse. I am 24, my abdominal laparotomies were done at 14 yaers old, so my vertical abdominal scars are about 10 years old.

  11. Angela said


    Sorry for the great delay in responding – without seeing you it is difficult to know what is going on. Having said that, it is possible that scar tissue is contributing to the pain. Also, Just my opinion, if I felt my doctor was not helping find solutions I would consider getting a second opinion. If you have a doctors release, myofascial stretching and unwinding may be something to consider. Again, I would definitely get a doctor’s release with your history of a blod clot and would find a therapist that is experienced, nationally certified, and someone that you feel comfortable with.

  12. Angela said


    The best thing I can suggest without actually seeing is to consider stretching and myofascial to keep the scar tissue from creating more lesions. I would look for a qualified local therapist in your area.

    Regarding appearance – While there are a number of products that claim they can help with older scars, I’m not sure that you get a very significant improvement for the amount of money that you spend, especially on older scars.


  13. Jennifer said

    I had a c section almost 3 years ago, and early on had noticed that the left side of the scar felt a little hard underneath. For a long time I didn’t think of it at all, figuring it was healing. Just recently I noticed a lump underneath the scar that was more prominent than I ever remember, and was more toward the middle of the scar. I had an ultrasound and was told that the lunp was most likely either a “granuloma” or “possible surgical scar” (which I assume means scar tissue). In any event, I was referred to a surgeon. Is it possible for scar tissue to change or get bigger over a long period of time? Also, we had just made the decision to start trying for a second child when this came up. Should something like this be removed before conceiving?

  14. Michael said


    As always it is my practice to tell clients to consult with their own physician when it comes to questions about their personal health. I too have scar tissue from open heart surgery. My scar has changed appearance over the years becoming thicker in some spots and thinner in others. I can say when I receive work on my scar my range of motion increases and my pain in the area of my scar decreases. I have also worked with many people helping them safely relieve pain and discomfort from scar tissue and adhesions. These people report back that they have experience positive results from the work. Once again check in with your personal physician and ask the same questions you asked me and see what he or she has to say about the path you want to take.

  15. Crystal said

    I had a C-section 4 months ago, it opened up and started to drain. I ended up having infection twice, having to use hot compresses and change the bandage 4 times a day. My incision just started to close back over about a month ago. I can still feel some hard spots on it, and am wondering if there is still some hematoma left that should come out. Also, I have been experiencing pains on and off and I have pain in my incision during orgasm. It’s almost like a twinge or a pulling feeling. Is this normal after a C-section?

  16. Michelle said

    Crystal, I have the same problem, of getting pain in my scars when I orgasm, and I find it hard to orgasm. My scars also are painful if my partner pushes to hard. See my post above.
    Angela, I have not bin able to find a profession massage therapist to massage my scars, so I have bin trying to break up scar tissue by bending, stretching backwards over an exercise ball, while my father works my scars, especially the the sides up and down. I can feel some thing under the scars that feel like it is snapping, but I am not sure if I am doing any good. I do not think that the layers of my abdomen move normally, so they bind.

  17. Crystal said

    Thanks…it’s nice to know someone else has experienced the same. Does the pain eventually go away? What is it caused from? Thanks again.

  18. Michelle said

    Crystal, I hope angela can answer your question, about the cause of the pain, and as far as when it goes away, I have had my pain for a long time, and it is getting worse. I think that massage helps with adhesions, and to improve the blood flow to the scar. You should find a therapist to massage you scar, and your lower abdomen.

  19. Angela said

    Michelle and Crystal,

    We are so honored that you are able to connect through this website. Let me see what we are able to address between Michael and I:

    Snapping when stretching or massaging scars: In our experience a snapping sensation is often a release of lesions or adhesions. Clients typically report more freedom around the scar area after such an experince.

    Pain in abdomenn getting worse or binding: Any time pain increases I have to consider seeing a medical doctor. Myofascial release may be beneficial, especially in reducing the binding feeling. So, if this were us, we would make an appointment with our doctor, and if he or she gave us a release we would continue to explore therapist in our area that are qualified in myofascial release or advanced craniosacral therapy. You mentioned that you haven’t been able to find a therapist that resonates in your area – you can try the AMTA (American Massage Therapists Association) for referrals – also talk to friends or other health practitioners may know therapist that they can recommend – just keep searching.

    As far as pain during orgasm: Orgasm involves contracting of muscles. If there is scar tissues, adhesions, or lesions pulling on the muscles involved then it can contribute to pain. Therapy to assist in keeping the scar tissue and adhesions supple may relieve some of hte symptoms. Also, as Michelle recommends – a therapist who can massage, or perform myofascial or advanced craniosacral therapy should be able to help you with your symptoms.

    Our blessings to both of you – thank you so much for sharing your experiences and we wish you the best.

  20. Crystal said

    Angela & Michael,

    Thanks so much for your help and answers. The doctors I have spoken to so far have just said the pain was due to having cut through the muscles, and it would take time to heal.
    Do all therapists offer that type of massage? Where would I look for a qualified therapist in Canada? I live in Prince Edward Island.
    Thanks again,

  21. Crystal said

    Sorry, I forgot to ask if it would be too soon to start with these stretches and massage? It’s been 4 months, but as I mentioned earlier, it has only closed over about a month ago.

  22. Michelle said

    Crystal, you can probably start working on your abominal muscles, just start slow, and easy, and only do what pain allows. If it stets to hurt back a little. I started exercising my abdominal muscles as soon after my operations as I could. I just stayed away from all pain meds so that I would know if I was over doing it. Try it as the exercises, stretching, and massage will help. Also try holding in your abdomen as it strenghtens your muscles.
    hope you heal soon, and well, Michelle

  23. sarah said

    hi i had a c section 10 months ago and was healing well, had a smear in feb which needed to b repeated however i am pregnant again so have to wait but the other day i was rubbing along my scar and found a hard lump on the left hand side any idea what it could be anything to worry about

  24. Nora said

    I’ve had 2 c-sections in the past 3 years. I’ve been having a great deal of sciatic nerve pain, pain in my right hip flexor, lower back pain, etc. I thought these things were a result of aging and too much running. Since the birth of my beautiful children, I’ve noticed that sex is painful. It feels as if my uterus is “stuck” to my abdominal wall. Menstrual cycles produce cramps during the first 2 days that feel like I’ve been run over. My C-scar is hard but hyper-sensitive to touch. However, when I push down on it – it is very painful. It feels like someone is stabbing me from front through my back. I’m an Occupational Therapist so I’m familiar with scar adhesions…but not in this location. Is there anything that I can do at home to help relieve this adhesion.

  25. Vanita said

    I pray that someone can get this response. I had a c-section 4 years ago. This past July, July 18th I started having sever abdonial, and back pain. Over the past 3 years I had experienced lower back pain. On July 18th I had the pain, nausea, and overal feeling of sickness like I had never experienced before. On July 21st I had to have emergency surgery due to obstructive bowel. Once the surgeon opened me he discovered it was scar tissue that had wrapped around my small bowel that caused the blockage. He was able to clean out the scar tissue and praise the Lord I am alive today and able to share my story.
    Should I be concerned about scar tissue returning again? What can I do the lower my chances? Explain the process of massage again.
    This website was a tremendous source of support. AND PLEASE anyone who has had a c-section and have any type abdonial pain or back pain see your doctor ASAP.
    Blessings and thank you..
    I am not computer savy, please also send a response to:

  26. Kirstie said

    Hi i had a c section nearly 2 years ago, ince have my baby girl i have suffered with lower back pain, i have a number of scans and xrays but results always come back clear.
    I have physio and they say that my pelvis is tilted and they give me excercises to do, but the pain seems to be when i am due on my period!!!

    I seem to take tramadol pain killers EVERY day, i would love to try for a nother baby late next year but i am scared of the pain and complications

  27. Jenna said

    Hi, I also have had 3 c-sections and have had bad scar tissue build up. The first time I experianced the pain was 6 months after my 2nd c-section. If my husband and I would have sex to deep I would have very bad pain 3 days later that would last up to a week. After about 3 months of trying to deal with the pain I went to my OBGYN and he knew right away that it was scar tissue build up that fused my uterus to other parts of my body. So he did laposcpy and cleaned out all the scar tissue and that fixed the problem for the next 4 years, then the pain started coming back just befor I got pregnant again with my 3rd baby. When I went to the doctor (the pain was very minimul this time) he said that with all the hormones I was relesing my scar tissue would become very strechy and I should not have the pain, and he would fix everything again with my next c-section. (No pain with that pregnancy) Now my baby is 9 months old and the pain is back and it seems to be worse than ever. I am also 8 weeks pregnant – my doctor said that it is the scar tissue problem again. So this build up has been occuring and being cleaned out for the last 6 years (2 clean outs) will it ever stop. (this is my last baby I will be getting my tubes tied after this one) Should I seek out the next step and get my uterus removed? would that stop the tissue build-up? Because this pain is horrible.

  28. Lee Anne said

    I am 40 years old and have had four children. The first was natural….piece of cake. The second was an emergency C, she was breach and her heart stopped when they inverted her. The next two were also C-sections, in MY opinion, for the Dr’s own convience (much nicer to schedule it that be called out of bed at an ungodly hour), I fought vigorously, but they refused to allow me to go vbac. All three were spinal blocks (saddle blocks) rather than epidurals. The last was born when I was 38, and I have had lower back issues ever since. Any little tweak; lifting, falling, makes it excrutiating, but it is always there. Heat helps until you take it off, but I try sitting cross-legged on the bed, putting my hands together and lay as far forward as possible. It seems the best way to alleviate the pain for the short term. Is this due to the spinals and what can I do to alleviate it long term?

  29. Paula said

    I am 26 weeks pregnant w/ my second baby. I am experiencing extremely painful stretching, pulling and pressure on my abdominal and lower back. After talking to my OB Doctor’s nurse via phone, she had no suggestions so I have a doctor appt on Friday (2 days from today) I am researching to find out why I am in so much pain and discomfort. After reading others comments and educating myself on this, it feels like this is scar tissue. The baby is moving and active so I do not feel like she’s in distress. Can scar tissue effect the baby in any way? What can I do to alleviate the pain for the remainder of my pregnancy – 14 weeks?? Any advice and recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  30. Paula said

    I just posted the previous comment and omitted I had a c-section 5 years ago. I am now 35 yrs old. Please respond w/ advice. thanks again!

  31. Tanya said

    I had a c-section 9 years ago now, and from after the 1st year I have had severe abdominal pain, especially from around 3-4 days before pms till a few days after pms. I went to the doctor after the pain started and none of them could tell me what was wrong. I could feel a lump forming near my c-section scar but they all said there was nothing wrong with me. Now I have just found out I have a large blood clot that starts at the left side of my c-section and is pretty big. Is there anything that I can do to relieve the pain that I experience? I am not able to have intercourse for long or deep as it causes extreme pain and discomfort. Any idea’s for pain relief would be great. Thanks 🙂

  32. Tina said

    Hi, i’ve never used one of these sites before so i’m not sure im doing it right or where I look to get my anwser.

    I have a c section 10 months ago. For the last 3 months ive had trouble with my bowels either just before or just after my period. I end up with dihorea but it also feels like ive got a blockage up my bum and that the dihorea is escaping around it. For the rest of the month i’m fine.

    2 weeks after my c section i was taken back into hospital with constipation and had to have a manual eveacuation but after that and until 3 months ago evreything was fine. Could this be because of scar tissue? should I see my GP or is this one of those things which you just accept after a c section?

  33. Mama D said

    I have had 2 C-sections, the first in 2003 and the second in 2005. Since the second, I have had severe back pain on my lower right side and I have some less severe lower abdominal pain (most likely scar tissue). I have had problems with regularity since the surgery, so I continually take fiber supplements and carfully watch my diet. I have scoliosis and when I saw my doctor for the back pain, he assumed it was due to scoliosis and my age, 36. I think I need a second opinion. I exercise pretty regularly, including yoga, and didn’t have problems with my back before the surgery. Can you give me any advise?

  34. Angie said

    I have had 2 c-sections .The last one was a little over 3 years ago.I am only 36 but my periods have stopped.The last one was at least 5 months ago.Before that my period had stopped for 3 months and started.Then I had a period a week later.That was the last one I had.On top of it all, my once slightly oily skin has excema(now it is not only on my face and legs but on my scalp}I had a full screen for AIDS and thyroid.All came out negative including pregnancy.Am I perimenopausal?Could this be due to adhesion of my organs? I’ve had my stomach feel like it was knotting up.It even felt like everything was twisting inside. Also body sweats all the time.If you might know what all this means it would greatly help.

  35. cara said

    Hi. I’m now 37 years old and I had an emergency c-section in 2000. I healed ok and was the talk of the hospital as I was up on my feet immediately following the ordeal.

    Over the years and in particular in the more recent past I began having lower back and severe hip pain. The doctor told me it was just a pulled muscle but I suspected that the hip pain was actually caused either by my past c-section or scar tissue as a result.The doctor ordered rest and motrin which was no cure at all. Therefore, over the years I have just had to live with my hips “going out” every so often.
    In 2006 I once again became pregnant and miscarried at around 12 weeks(March). The bleeding lasted for months.Ultrasound uncovered cysts on my overies, one larger one on my right side.I had surgery to remove it(June). The doctor went in through my c-section incision and had to remove my right overy as well as some of the fallopian tube. Stitches were removed and I got a severe infection that resulted in another hospital stay and daily packing of the wound.It took 5-6 months to recover from this surgery.Still, intercourse was painful and my sex drive decreased significantly.
    4 months later I became pregnant again( happy miracle!)and this pregnancy has been going along ok.However, I am now at 35 weeks and I have been having sharp pulling pains (low and mostly on the right side) that I only now realized are right along the area of my incision scar.It feels as though I just had a surgery theer again..movement is difficult and coughing, sneezing or any sort of twisting, sitting up motions feel like a pulling stitch pain . Basically the same as when you’re healing from a surgery.
    My question, the baby is low and getting his head into position, could he have pulled or ripped at some previous scarring? Also, could the scarring be not only near the incision but deeper or even touching organs since I had the overy there removed?
    I expect that after this coming c-section I will have more hip pain and have to live with it.Any advice for healing this time around?

  36. zaya said

    i had a C-section 6 months ago and for the last month i been having alot of pain in my pelvic area and sides of my lower back the and nausea as well. i been to the hospital so many times and they havent done anything to help me. my doc said it might be scare tissue but i dont know [please some one tell me what i should do.

  37. K said

    I’ve had two C-sections. The first in May 2004, due to failure to progress. The second in July 2007, due to failure to progress as well. Well, now sixth months later, I am experiencing lower back pain around the time of my period, as well as digestive pain toward my right side. My internal medicine doctor, during my physical last week, said he thinks I might have a hernia or a “ball of adhesions” as a result of my C-section. For months – since the second C-section – I’ve experienced digestive pain and general pain and thought that I had heartburn or something totally benign. To find this out – and know I will be subject to another surgery – is really disconcerting. Whether for convenience or medical necessity, we are coerced into signing up for a C-section as if the procedure lasts but a moment, when in reality we are likely signing up for a lifetime of unforeseen complications.

  38. Jill said

    Im trying to look up Craniosacral and Myofasical Therapy for kaiser permanente because i would like to know if my insurance covers it. Can someone please respond to me and let me know whether insurance covers this therapy or not?

  39. kat said

    i have had 2 c-sections my first in 2001 and after this i had really bad scar tisue and then my second c-section in 2003 was with my twins i had them 2 months eairly after a hemridge but now even thow there neairly 5 years old i still have really bad pains after intercourse and every now and then if i lift something heavy or push down on the mop to sqeeze it out i feel somethink crack inside my tummy along the pelvice bone its happened ever since i had my twins and when i use to lift up there buggy it would crack and opnce it cracks i cant do much for around 2-3 days because if i caugh or laugh anything like that i would be in so much pain dose any one no what this is as i have asked docter for years and he has no idea i thought it would have gone away by now.

  40. Brenda said

    Hi Angela,

    I have had two c-sections one in 2001 and the other in 2006. My first child was 11 lbs 4 oz and the second 7lbs 13 oz. I found out that i had a lot of adhesions from my doctor after recovering from a 3 and a half hours c-section operation with the second child. Ever since the second surgery i have not been feeling back to my usual self. It is always something with my abdomen – pains, bloating, hardness(lumpiness) back pain… I had the classical section and that has made it even more difficult for my abdomen. If I lie on my back I can press my fist from my navel inwards and that place just feels empty. How would plastic surgery look for me with this type of cut. Would i be able to do abdominals ever again. It is so scary. I also do not feel good about myself right now because I am a slim person but my abdomen is out there so even after almost two years since the last section I look very much 4-6 months pregnant. Please what can I do. I was even told recently by my gynaecologist that my womb is still very high.

  41. Jill said

    I have had pain in my lower back and left hip above my pubic line also. I have 4 children I’m 27 and 3 were c sections. I have seen many doctors and nothing yet. I am scheduled to have a ct scan and sonogram. He is also going to check my bowels. I don’t know I just want all the pain to go away..

  42. Nicole said

    Hello, I had my second c section on March 20, 2008 constituting my delievery about 2 weeks and 6days. I have been feel sharp pains on the right side of my incesion since day one. They have begin to worsen. I have difficulty getting up from bed, walking or standing for long periods of time or even standing up straight. The entire incision is a bit hard but on my right side it’s a small buldge of hardening; And feels a bit slanted instead of being straight across the abdominal area. Do you you have any ideas of what it could be?

  43. Cindy said

    I had a c-section 11 days ago and am definitely still recuperating. What do I do about this terrible cough that I have had, it hurts a lot to cough.

  44. Kate said

    Very fascinating information! I have had 3 c-sections, and while I knew the scar caused my belly to appear unattractive, I had no idea the extent of the damage it is causing. For several years I have dealt with chronic neck pain that no amount of massage or chiropractic care could resolve. The accompanying headaches have been enough to make life quite miserable. Through my new physical therapist, I discovered that the entire problem is a result of my c-section scarring! It appears that the adhesions have thrown everything from my pelvis, to my lower to my upper back out of whack. Reading this article just confirms everything he has told me. I am looking forward to having this issue treated if not resolved. I so wish that others knew about this! Such a logical reason for our pain, but it has never been mentioned to me before.

  45. Jamie said

    This is super interesting to read and I hope you can help me!
    March 13th 2006, I had my left ovary removed, due to a dermoid cyst that had grown to about 5 inches in diameter. They tried to do laproscopy but the tumor was too big and attached to my pelvic wall, ureter and part of my colon. So they ended up having to open me, like a c-section, but never entered my uterus. It took a while for everything to heal (obviously) but by about 6 months I was doing really good. I was able to do everything that I could before the surgery. Then in October 2007, I started to have abdominal pain. Just randomly throughout the day, I would get a pain anywhere from my hips to my upper abdomen to my throat. I was having a lot of irregularity in my digestive system as well. I have never had a problem with any thing like this before. This continued, getting worse somedays and better others. After about 4 months of tests after tests and doctors telling me that it is just stress or irritable bowel syndrome. I decided that I would just act like nothing was wrong. Well, that didn’t work. So here I am, I have been in pain for 7 months, my patience is shot and the thought of not being in pain or feeling like I used to, just makes me cry. I haven’t lost complete hope yet though. I still think it has something to do with my surgery. Do you think it could be scar tissue from my surgery?

  46. Shannon said

    I have had 3 cesareans. One in 2002,2005 and 2008. I have noticed that my last one has taken longer to heal and I still have pain 6 weeks postpartum. I also notice there is a painful area on the right side of my scar and it seems there is a lump in there. I sure hope it is nothing serious. I have been to one appointment with a massage therapist who is trained in craniosacral or visceral manipulation therapy. She massages the scar tissue to prevent and treat adhesions. I see her again tomorrow and I hope it will help. If anyone wants relief from adhesions, I would try this… ask around and find someone who is trained in treating adhesions. Good luck!

  47. Lisa said

    I’ve had 2 c-sections (1990&2000), @2.5 months ago a dime sized lump appeared on left side of scar, went to docs, said at first an ingrown hair (from shaving), then a possible hernia.. Put on antibiotics for 10 days..well the skin sore is now blueish in color but has a hardness underneath. went back to docs today and now thinks its adhesions or cysts that go up to ovary and yet down to my pubic hair. then did the reflex test on knees..not one flicker coming from the left leg. going for ct scan later in week and have been referred to pain unless being pushed on yet no sex drive for almost 5 months now…any ideas???

  48. Amanda said

    I had a c-section a year and a half ago. I had premature twins. I was wondering how large the uteran incision is when you have a c-section because I just recently noticed what feels like scar tissue that starts at the right side of my incision and goes up and extends a good three inches above my scar. My one son was in the vertex position and the other was breech. The “scar tissue” that I feel is on the side that my breech baby was on. Is it possible they had to cut further up on that side because of his position?

  49. Julie Turner said

    Hi, I’ve had 3 c-sections since 2002. With my last one (Sept. 2006) came bad pain. A few days after I had my baby I ended up back in the emergency room in horrible pain.. (Having c-sections before I knew this particular pain wasn’t normal). Turns out I had a pocket of fluid in my incision, they said there was nothing to do but wait it out and gave me more painkillers to help. Since then almost every month about a week or two before I get my period I get incredible pain, these episodes have sent me to the emergency room more than 5 times. Most of the time they look for kidney stones (never found any) or cysts on my ovaries, never really finding anything to explain my level of pain. My GP has begun treating me for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome ( I have multiple symptoms of this, hair growth, mood swings, heavy long lasting periods, trunkal weight, etc.) but even on the birth control pill and other medications I’m still experiencing BAD pain almost every month. Is it possible that it is the scar tissue?? What really caught my eye was when you talked about the hip pain, I had told the doctor that I thought maybe I had popped my hip out of place the first time the pain was really severe, thats what it felt like! I’d love to find a way to alleviate the pain without pain killers, I hate the way they make me feel!

  50. Amy said

    I am 33 and have had 2 c-sections,gall bladder removed, and tubal ligation. My youngest child is 3 ago 6 months ago I started having a pulling pain in my left hip. I just thought I was getting older. Now the pain is serious especially if I have sat down for a long time. The pain is sometimes in the left part of my lower back and also toward my lower abdomen like in the ovary area.The pain is so bad I can not sleep on my left side. I am sick of taking ibuprofren.When I try to feel exactly where the pain is at in the hip it feels like there is a lump there. I am also experiencing extreme heel pain and occasional neck and shoulder pain.I felt fine before the tubal. I am wondering if that is the root of my problems.

  51. sum gurl said

    i had 3 c sections 1997,2001,2002 now pregnant with fourth i had no feeling at the incision site for years since my first section feeling just came back a year ago i started feeling cramps during my period and i could youch my scar and feel that too amazing now i am pregnant and i feel everything all the stretching included i am so uncomfortable and i am only 15 weeks wishing this was over my question is is this normal? will i have more pain during labor? i had little to no pain or feeling with the last two pregnancies

  52. Tara said

    I have been reading the stories here and I am in the same “boat”. I had a c-section 5 years ago and I am having lower back pain and pain in my hips. I can not do any exercising that has anything to do with my hips or lower back. It STINKS!!! I can not get anyone to listen to me. I know that I need to get the scare tissue looked at. Where can I find medical information on scare tissue from c sections? Help

    • rebecca said

      am reading all these stories to help me to stop worry ive had three c sections and am pregant again (5 weeks) am mixed feelings about it all waiting to my constultant ,have been having stomach cramp now and again and thinking decisions ,decisions all the time have been told by my doctor it is possible for a fourth c section but im not so sure if there anyone out there had four would be nice to hear from as im am so so worried right now

  53. Gina said

    I have a c-section 2 yrs ago, and approximately 4 months ago found a little pea size lump on end of c-section scar, was not painful at the time, just more apparent around menstrual cycle.
    since my last VERY painful menstrual cycle, this lump has become very painfularound it to touch, even holding my son on the right side is sore. When running last week, I felt a little pop almost and had to stop and kneel over! Been to dr/’s sent me for 2 ultrasounds….not sure what it is, waiting for specialist.
    any ideas?

    • Jennifer said

      Hi Gina,

      I have the same thing. Did you ever figure out what it was?

      • Kaley said

        Me too, it’s been two years since my c section, only been a problem the past 6 months, its been the worst ever been the past few days, hard little lump right under the scar. GP has no clue what it is. Not in agony but its bloody irrititating

  54. Sara said

    I have had 3 C-sections-96,00,02- during the second and the third the OB removed a great deal of scar tissue before removing my 2cd and 3rd child, so I know there is scar tissue now. After my third, I have severe abdomial pain, sharp stabbing like, that comes and goes in the same area, as well as heavy/painful periods, and hip and back pain. I complained to my family pract. and my OB for 4 years. My family doctor ordered an ultrasound, nothing. Finally, my OB ordered a MRI of my abdomen. Turns out, it is a patch of endometrial tissue in my abdomen near attached to the scar tissue. Either escaped through the scar tissue, or was transfered during the C-section. The endometrial tissue acts the same as the tissue in your uterus. It sheds during your period, only in places in your abdomen it should not be, causing the pain. I find it is most painful just after the heaviest days of my period. My OB suggested a hysterectomy and removal of the tissue as the only real cure. A friend just shared with me the reasons for the hip and back pain. I plan on visiting her PT very soon for a non-surgical approach, hopefuly.

  55. Ruth ann Jeremiah said


    Thanks for all these comments. I am 58 and had c-sections in 1977, 1979 and 1985. About 10 years ago one “stitch” worked its way out and now I have a “hole” at another stitch hole and am pretty uncomfortable. I have had back aches and other problems for 20 years and never associated that with my c-sections. I will keep up on reading here to see what folks say!

  56. Carmen said

    I had 2 csections and in 2000 and 2002, I went yesterday to get my tubes tied and wen I woke up from my “surgery” my Dr. Told me that my tubiligatin couldn’t be done due to my haveing too much scar tissue. She said this is the 2nd time she’s seen this. Is all the scar tissue bad, should I be worried???

    As for my C~sections, the only sharp pain I get is if I sneeze… weird huh??? I do have realy bad back aches, but I guess dats from the epidural… Idk.

    Im more concerend about this scar tissue. Is that an issue?

  57. Heather said

    Hello… I had a c-section December 28,2005. My son was very healthy! 9 lbs. 1 ounce… 23inches long. … A few days later, My temp spiked to 102.2…. I was re admitted to the Hospital on Jan 4. Seems that my c section site was infected. After having it re opened and being in the hospital for 2 weeks afterwards on stong meds… The site had to be left open and heal from the inside out. It took several months to heal. …..

    Now 3 years later… My scar is awful looking… it is sunk in towards the middle of the scar. Plus I have alot of scar tissue. I have some pain from time to time. … After saying all of that… I have 2 questions…..

    Will the scar tissue hender me from being able to get pregnant again??

    Will it be harder for me to get pregnant again??

  58. Amusamiaffegiodiasp said

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  59. Amusamiaffegiodiasp said

    hhwhwykinwrinnjmwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

  60. Amanda said

    I have to agree with your theory. My first son was born in 1985 and a cesarean section was performed after 2.5 hours of pushing. The following 2.5 years later my second son was born by c-section and then again 5 years later my third son was born the same way. This was 1992. In 1994 I was complaining of lower to mid-back pain and after many MRI’s, physical therapy and chiropractic visits, no one had a solution or a reason. I even mentioned to my hormone specialist about the possibility of the scar tissue adhering to the adjacent walls of the muscles. He said this would not be improbable.

    I was a exercising quite a bit at the time and thought this could be the source. There could be a correlation, but the scar tissue has always made sense to me. I had an oopharectomy with the cervix still in place in 1995 because of a familial predisposition. This just added to the scar tissue although the surgery was done vaginally. My Obgyn made sure to take as much scar tissue out from the previous deliveries.

    The right side of my hip, illiosoas, I T band, hip flexor, piriformis, sciatic nerve are all affected. Today, January 25, 2009, I sit here in agony with the intense pain which has now moved to my left hip. I am 46 and slim. I hike to get exercise and take all natural vitamins. With our health care system, I am without insurance. Today I have taken 1600mg of ibuprofen to ease the pain. I drove back to the mountains where I am living as somewhat of a gypsy waiting for my house to sell in throbbing intense pain. I even stopped at the liquor store to get tequila so I could numb the pain. The tequila didn’t work, just made me drunk. Tomorrow, I am going to a free clinic in the area to see if I can get some help.

    I have tried meditation and all this pain brings much clarity, but when you can’t even walk to your car there is a problem.

    Thank you for your research and getting this out to other women wondering why they are having this pain.

    Best Regards
    Amanda Cloe

  61. Talia said

    I am a Massage Therapist specializing in Prenatal and Postnatal Massage. I’ve read all of the above stories and I just wanted to add to Michael and Angela’s great advice. I would suggest, in addition to myofascial release and massage, to seek a certified practitioner of Abdominal Massage. There is a wonderful technique, called Mayan Abdominal Massage, that is excellent for many reproductive and postpartum issues. It’s a non-invasive massage of the uterus and lower abdominal muscles, helping return them to a balanced state and releasing any adhesions and tension. Thank-you to everyone who has shared their experiences and knowledge.
    Be well,

    • Christine said

      No one says anything about scar tissue removal. Would it be best to go have a laproscopic surgery to remove the scar tissue then treat fukture scar tissue build up with massage???

  62. Kristy said

    Hi, I had a C-section 2 1/2 years ago with my son (8 pounds 10 ounces), every year since my examinations have been fine, but this time I found a knot to the left side of my belly button, told my dr. she checked me and told me I had a very small uterus and she did feel something at the top of my uterus. I am having a ultrasound Fri. morning, but I am scared to death, especially with my family history, Can anyone give me their opinion?

    • claudia said

      kristy did you find out what it was? i have too a lump kind of thing on the left side of my belly buttom and i always feel nauseas and bloated, i done an ulstrasound but they couldnt see anything it could be something to do with the intestines because they couldnt see them with an ultrasound so i dont know!
      it will be great if you could reply back! thanks!

  63. Fiona said

    I am31 and have had 2 csections,1 in2000 single birth and one in 2003 twin birth.over the last 3 months i have sharp lower left abdo pain and burning pain along the scar,as well as low back pain-does anyone have similar symptoms?my gp gave me stomach tablets!Not helping!!

  64. Sarah said

    I had a c section six days ago due to the baby not coming down the birth canal and also her heart rate dropping several times. My incision is healing beautifully, but below that to the right is an unimaginable burning, stabbing pain when I get up out of bed and when I sit down.It diminishes when I sit down and relax, and will start up again when I get up and walk around for longer than a minute or so. This is accompanied with a dull ache in my right hip. Also had an epidural since I was thought to be giving birth vaginally.
    My dr says it is probably just a nicked nerve and has prescribed Tylenol 3’s but they dont even touch the pain when it starts up. Can someone please help me or give me some advice?? I am to take care of my beautiful baby girl on my own and its extremely frustrating and difficult. I cant walk or stand to make bottles longer than two minutes without crying. Anybody know how long this is to last?
    Thank you

    • Nees said

      Just wondering did the pain ever go away.. I just had a baby about 13 days ago and experienced the same thing minus hip pain.

  65. robin said

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for th information , i have had 2 c-sections one at 28 and 31 . I am 39 now and have been ttc for 18 months now and can’t figure out why i am not getting pregnant . I am now wondering if it could be scar tissue preventing me from getting pregnant again . Thanks to everyone for there experiences and my condenses and prayers to those in pain and losing a little one.

  66. Quanda said

    Hello everyone, I am 38 i have 3 babies 3 c-sections 95,96 & 02 I have scar tissue the dr. tied my tubes and hplaced 3 burn holes on each side. I want to have another child so i am considering IVF. What do you think is it wise since i have scar tissue will that hinder me from having healthy babies?

  67. Marie said

    Its been 3 months since the birth of my 2nd child & i still have not gotten my period. I am scared & confused cause i dont know whats happening nor what might be wrong. My husband & i had sexual intercourse a month after though. He did pull out, but still i havent gotten my period. I need help & i dont know what to do or what may be wrong with me. Both my kids were bron through c-sections. With my 1st child, i had my period after a month. That worries me alot. I do experience lower back pain every now & then. It scares my husband cause he thinks i might be pregnant again. what do i do or what is wrong? why havent i gotten my period yet? im so scared & so is my husband. Please help me!!!

  68. kailz said

    hi my name is kailz i had a ec section nerly a year ago in may o8 and the last time i had my periods was in september 08 and havent had them since im not pregnant so is ther any other reason i havent got them im relly woried some advice would be good

  69. jennifer said

    I had a c-section 2 times,and this last one i put on alot of weight,and the whole lower part under my belly button is extrememly sore,and lumpy,i’m assuming it’s scar tissue,but the incision doesn’t hurt at all,just the lower part of my stomach,is that normal and will it start to not feel so bad?it’s been almost 7 months now since the last c-section.should i see someone or is it going to start feeling better?

  70. Bethany said

    I have had a tumor the size of grapefruit removed off my tailbone when I was 15 I am now 28. I do no do have any children but would love to have children in the near future. For one year now I have been having this pain on my lower left back. I have a scar like a c-section and up my crack of my butt. Over the years my bowel habits have gotten worse to where I have to take stool softeners almost every day. I have had a colonoscopy and it was normal. I just had a vaginal ultrasound and all my female organs are shifting to the left….does this sound like scare tissue problems and pain?? I would like advice. Does an MRI show scar tissue? Please help with any advice!! Thanks for your time.

  71. Hypsumpipsype said

    Was ist das?

  72. michelle said

    I had my second c-section in 2006, when they performed it they said there was so much scar tissue from the first c-section they had to cut the other direction to get to baby. Now i am having hip, back pain could this be from the c-sections?

  73. Bethany said

    I had exploratory surgery 4/17/09…. it is endometriosis and adhesions. SEVERLY

    • Tracee said

      I have knee pain, which is normally when my hip hurts….I do take a lot of IBP like 600 every 4-6 hours. I have a tenderspot on my right side abdomen area by ovary area maybe a titch higher than ovary area, sometimes is worse on other days. Lower back hurts or dull ache, nothing major but enough to know that it is there. My periods are CRAZY…. super tampon 8 times a day for the 1st two days. Its awful. I have had 3 c-sections and a tubual and a hernia operation when I was 15 and I am 38 now. When I came out of surgery with my tubal the Dr said “I cut, tied and cottarized(sp) your tubes” that was like a red flag to me. That has been almost 14 years ago. What do you think I have going on? Plus when I ovulate its sooo much pain, can not even touch my stomach and I could wear a pad during ovualtion

  74. my blog said

    check this out…

    this is mine…

  75. Amanda said

    I had a C Section with my son, he just turned 8 months old. I have been plagued with all kinds of symptoms since I had this done. First off, I have these horrible pains in my lower abdomen. The area just above the hairline. They are so intense, that I cannot do anything but moan and cry when they come. I am on Tramadol right now with the pain. It happens worse when I am laying down. I was also having constant UTI’s. They were resistant to antibiotics except for Macrobid. I have been to 6 different doctors, including the doctors who performed my surgery, a urologist, another OB/GYN, a surgeon, a nurse practitioner, and my family doctor. No one seems to know how to or want to help me. I have also been having severe dry eyes, throat, mouth, and lips. My eye doctor said I have tissue damage from them being so dry. I am having problems when I eat and going to the restroom. I’m wondering if some of these symptoms could be adhesions? If so, how do I get someone to listen to me and help me? They all seem to think I am making this up. I am really scared. Thank you for your time.

  76. joanne speke said


  77. joanne speke said


    I had a cesarean on 3rd May 2007. I experience a slight discomfort which feels like it is inside my stomach. My scar healed well and does not irritate at all. The pain I feel comes on for no reason and at times is tender to touch. Also when I have been sitting in a crouched position (leaning forward mostly) then I find it difficult to stand straight up immediately and I feel pain in my lower back and hip area. Also if I lie on my stomach in bed, then I find it difficult to turn over, it takes a bit of time. Is there any way of finding out if this is due to scar tissue inside? Everyone I know who have had cesears expeience no pain at all. can you help?

    Thanks Joanne

  78. cynthia king said


    i had c section 5 yrs ago, after 4 month i strated exercise regime -sit ups which i think was too early. as a result severe scar tissue form. very itchy, painful when i sit down or run. i feel some kind of hardness and lumps just above the period has also been affected, very very iregular since 4 yrs now. doctor cant do any thing to ease the abdominal pain or know why period stoped. can you help. Tks.

  79. Kristy said

    I also had a c-section 3 years ago, and have pain and itching, I also discovered a hard knot above my scar, it scared me with my dying of ovarian cancer, but i had 2 ultrasounds done and nothing seems to be there. Does anyone know what this could be?

  80. 11 yrs ago said

    Hello to all that have posted. It is great to learn about this type of forum. I had my child 11yrs ago by cesarean and my scar has disappeared. My concern is the internal excessive tissue that I can not get rid. I also have had the lower back pain and really became use to the pain since the docs have all told me it is in my head and I was recently diagnosed as having arthritis in th hip due to the recently pains that have developed…I know that there is something wrong but I need help with learning how to cure things on a natural path.


  81. Lisa said

    I have had two miscarriage’s after a c section and been trying to get pregnant for a year with no success I feel like it will never happened and then I found out I had major scar tissue. Will that prevent me from having more children ??? The Doctor did not tell me much !!!

  82. sonia said

    I had three c-section and i have back pain that you can’t think how i get up day by day to take care of kids and go to work. I have had M>I>R,and they said that they can’t find nothing but the problem and pain is still thire and pain pills can’t remove the problem ive been looking high and low for a solition. I’m sercard if i’m working,waking,lefting,thing the wrong way i can get prallais i need some one to ansawer my prays on way my back is goning out on me and i’m only 30.

  83. Jennifer said

    I have had 3 children, my first pregnancy was totally normal also with normal delivery. With my second pregnancy, I suffered a Placental abruption which resulted with the death of my newborn son. Four years ago, my little girl was born by c-section (healthy), I had a placental previa. One month after her birth I had a tubal ligation and it was after this that I noticed a lump at the incision site on left side. My doctor said it would go away, it never has. I no longer have insurance so Dr. visits don’t happen, just Emergency room visits. I experience a great deal of pain with this and now it’s at it’s worst. The burning sensation is so bad that I cannot even have my clothes rub against it, last night I experienced nausea for the first time but not sure if it’s related. Is this considered a medical emergency? Should I go to ER? I hate to waste people’s time but the pain is now interfering with everyday life.
    I’m 39 years old, 5’2 and 110 pounds.

  84. Diane said


    I had a c-section almost 3 months ago and was looking up info on how to take care of the scar, when I stumbled on this site. I in fact have had quite a bit of hip pain/discomfort since the pregnancy….I would say that it feels like arthritic-ish symptoms, it seems. My left hip especially feels sore, and causes me to wobble as if I were still pregnant when I first walk in the morning…..could this soreness be due to my ceasarean? I did gain 20# and thought that my weight gain was the cause….but now I’m not sure. (I’m on a diet and exercise plan and I am determined to loose the weight.)

  85. missy said

    hi i had a c section 3 and half months ago and i have been having pain where my scar is and belowe it and having pressure in the upper part of my stomach and pain in my sides i went to the doctor and she said it was problay scar tissue and it was just going to take time to heal.can anybody help me with this and give me sum advice.if u can plz email me at…thank you.

  86. Kris said

    I had a c-section over 16 years ago and am just beginning to experience sharp pains under the lump of scar tissue beneath my incision site. I am a bit worried about this because I’ve not experienced any pain related to this before. It’s sensitive to touch, pressure and I am having very sharp pains every 5 to 10 min. in the area for the past two days. Debating on going to an Immediate Care center.Any advice is welcomed and appreciated.

  87. Denise said

    I had a C-section 3 years ago. Is there anything I can do about the fact that I still have pain when I sneeze. Not every time, but a goood majority of the time it’s painful.

  88. Angie said

    I am really glad I found this site during a search. I’ve had one c-section and that was 7 months ago. I had a great doctor. The c-section was my second pelvic surgery. The first one was for the removal of a very large fibroid (4 years before the c/s) which left some scar tissue. After the c-section I got very little rest. Our small hospital was terribly short-staffed and there was few available to get us what we needed following the birth. We were moved to a pediatric floor 2 days after the surgery and that floor was very short-staffed, meaning we had to get our own linens, snacks, ice, water, etc. because the call light was barely answered. I was up and down for the five days we had to stay after the surgery. I am wondering if this prevented proper healing of my scar tissue. Now, whenever I exert pressure on the incisional area via coughing, sneezing, blowing my nose, moving my bowels, there is a “popping” sensation in the scar tissue area, especially on the left side. It feels kind of gross, like something is shifting quickly with the pressure exertion. It is not painful when it does this but I have a chronic soft-tissue kind of tenderness throughout the scar area. Also, I have begun to have terribly sharp sciatic pain and a tight-feeling lower back, sacrum area. My hip joints ache a lot and sometimes it is difficult to walk. What is the best remedy for this? I really would like relief and to feel more normal again. Thank you very much.

  89. mommieof3 said

    Hello, I am 42, I have had three miscarriages and I have 3 children all by c-section. Since my last child was born 12 years ago, I have had problems with Bladder infections. I have to take macrobid after sex to prevent getting an infection. I also have lower pain in my left side and lower back. An ultrasound showed several cysts on my left ovary. I also have problems with constipation and diarrhea. It goes from one extreme to the other. I am scheduled for a laproscopy this month, but I am a little scared. Is it normal for scar tissue to cause all of these issues?

  90. Debbs said

    Hi,Just been reading the comments on this site. I have 5 children had 4 normal deliveries, Four wks ago had an emergency c section.It was a traumatic time for us all. Thanks to the staff at the hos I have a beautiful healthy baby boy. Its now 4 wks on, my scar has and is healing lovely. When I had C section, a drain was put in my stomach, this was removed 3 days after. The only concern I have is where the wound drain was there is a lump (right side of tummy) which is very painful and hurts when touched. Been to Dr’s he said I may need to go back into hospital and have incision to see why and what is causing pain, mean while had two courses of antibiotics. At the moment having clexane injection daily (for 6 wks only 2 wks left)to prevent me from blood clot, I am unable to have kind of surgery whilst on clexane so have to wait till after my postnatal check. I thought id have more problems with scar. keep thinking it could be infection or abcess !

  91. Joni said

    Its been almost 4 months since i had my C section and i and now getting lower abdominal pain on the left side from time to time. sometimes it comes as a twinge Sometimes it seems to happen for no apparent reason. I also wonder if my period is trying to normalize or not. What do you think i should do

  92. Mandy said

    It’s been 2 and a half years since my second c-section. Almost immediately following my surgery i noticed a localized pain in my right hip area. When I mentioned it to my doctor at the time I was told it was part of the healing process. About three months after the surgery I decided to have an IUD put in. While inserting the IUD this area started screaming in pain. Again I was told my body was still re-cooping and it may be sensetive for awhile. During the last 2 and a half years this pain has never left. Always in the same area. Sometimes only a slight reminder, sometimes so severe I have to stop what I’m doing and allow it to subside. My menstral cycle has become very short, lasting only a few days but then I spot for the following week. Also at the time of my period I experience sharp pain in this area as well as in what feels like possibly my cervix. This pain comes and goes and ranges again from mild to severe sometimes for no apparant reason and at other times it seems I may have twisted the wrong way. Over the last few weeks I have started experiencing fatigue, muscle weakness, joint pain, nausea, dizziness and random sharp pains alternating in different joints. I have experienced this joint pain and muscle weakness for years, it comes and goes. I’ve thught perhaps I could have fibromyalgia. But again anytime I talk to doctors about this they excuse it as depression or exhaustion because I have been under a lot of stress. I have another appointment in a week. Because my husband is in the military I never see the same doctor, just a general physician. My question is what can I say to them to get them to take these symptoms seriously? I think perhaps because there is so much going on with me they think I’m a hypochondriac. My husband is beginning to believe this too. I’ve wondered if perhaps something wasn’t left behind in my surgery considering it’s not just the localized pain but also the achiness and fatigue. Any thoughts?

    • Erin said

      Hello Mandy,
      As your post was a while ago, I do hope you receive my reply. Let me start by telling you that after reading almost every post, your post hit home for me the most. You are NOT alone and it is not in your head. I had a c-section 2 years ago this March. I have been having severe symptoms for 4 months…..chronic lower right pelvic pain ( internally, below incision site )so severe that it has totally disrupted every aspect of my life. The pain is so severe that I cannot sleep some nights and I have break through pain with strong medications. I have started a journal to try to make sense of any of it. There does not seem to be a pattern. I cannot lay on my right hip, because it is very uncomfortable. Sitting or standing too long can trigger extreme pain. I have had bowel issues, headaches, tingling or numbness in fingers and toes, and most recently severe right neck and shoulder pain. I am getting to my breaking point. Luckily my husband is very understanding and does believe it is real, although I am sure that he is almost as fed up with this b.s. as I am. I would like to know how things resolved or turned out for you if you would reply. I have a laproscopic surgery in a few weeks to remove surgical adhesions (from c-section) and endometriosis (I have had 3 prior surgeries to remove), I have mixed emotions and some concerns of scar tissue returning and with a vengence. Has your problem resolved without surgery? Did you find an alternate solution? Are you still in pain? I do not know how much more of this pain I can handle. I also feel as though my Doctor thinks that I am exaggerating the pain and symptoms, as CT scan and ultrasound were negative. He did recommend surgery and seems to believe due to adhesions, but I just do not think anyone understands just how much pain I am constantly in. I hope you have some good advice or a happy ending to your story. I hope you are past all of this. I am quickly learning that it continues to get worse and seems like life long problem. Best of luck to you.

      • Lori said

        Hi my name is Lori, and I am 38 today. I’m scheduled to have a hystrectomy on jan 23 2012. I am curious if your recent surgery has helped any of your pain that you were having?
        I have had 2 c sections. 1998 and 2000. In the last 7 years, i have had terrible periods. Lasting 7 to 9 days, and cramps to the point where i cannot get out of bed. I was told that this is because i had my tubes tied. I guess that i also have ibs. I will back up so bad, that it will be weeks before i go to the bathroom. And i look like im 6 months pregnant. I deliver for fed ex, last xmas my sciatica nerve was causing me to limp to the point where i couldnt stand. I was told that this was due to the heavy lifting and running all day. I had to have a runner the whole month of December.
        I finally went to a different doctor. After years of telling the other and him just giving me vicodin and stool softeners. Thank my lucky stars that this one has had similar symptons and knew what i had been through.

  93. Tray-c said

    how about sharp pain in my pelvic area only on the left sideand it feels like it goes into my side sometimes. It started coming during my period then it changed to before and during noew it is after. It hurts alot sometimes i lay down and it still hurts. more so when I lay on that side. i saw the doctor they checked me with an internal altrasound and they said my uterus and ovaries are fine and that if it is scare tissue there is nothing that can be done. what is the deal with that.I don’t get back pain from it just alot of sharp sometimes continues pelvic pain on the left side. damn cesarean never wanted one was an emergency. Can this happen from scar tissue?

  94. Vicki Saffold said

    I had three c-sections in 78, 82 and 85. Now, 29 years later I have recently been experiencing lower back pain, pain on my left buttock and some hip pain. It’s especially noticeable twisting as I get out of the car or while vacuuming. I have seen chiropractors and have been exercising daily but it’s still going on. I have had some relief but for the past 8 months this has been pretty consistent. Just the other night a good friend of mine who does deep tissue massages, mentioned it could be a scar tissue problem from my c-sections. What should be my next step? I am almost 55 years old and have felt great up until the last 8 months.

  95. Candus Poyner said

    Hello, I too have had a c section as well as a complete hysterectomy about 5 years ago. When my doctor went in to see why I had so much pain he found large amounts of scar tissue. So he said that was adding to my pain. So he did surgery and removed both ovaries as well as uterus but could not remove my cervix because he said it was attached with scar tissue to my bladder. I have started having pain in my stomach and there is a hard knot in there. I went to a new doctor and she said there is many knots and could feel them. These spots are very painful and she is sending me to a surgeon this week. I’m very scared that he will want to remove the scar tissue. What if it causes more? Also I have severe back pain and hips and leg pain as well. I too have rubbed them to ease the pain and sometimes I’m doing nothing but sitting when the pain comes on. This is very odd, and puzzling. Any help?

  96. Sara said

    this has been so helpful. I actually came on the site because I have had 2 c-sections (06 and 08) and I have been having pain almost every time my husband and i have sex. After the first c-section I noticed a little bit of pain durning sex but when I was having the second one the dr. removed a rope of scar tissue on my uterus from the first surgery. I also had my tubes tied during the 2nd, but now the pain during and after sex has increased to where I can’t have sex for more than 15 minutes or go too deep because I will be in pain for the next few days. I get a sharp stabbing pain right in the bottom of my pelvic bones every once in awhile too along with back pain that almost feels close to my kidneys. From what everyone says it sounds like I may have a new batch of scar tissue or something has attached itself to something else. Does anyone know what step to take first to figure out what exactly my problem is? Thank you.

  97. Sonia Hall said

    A chum urged me to read this post, nice post, fanstatic read… keep up the cool work!

  98. darlene said

    I have had 3 c-sections. I have scar tissue and have also had 3 layers removed because i ended up having a hysterectomy 3 yrs ago. I have been doing good. You can barely see my scar. But i just want to know is it possible to loose weight in your abdomen with scar tissue?

  99. Jessica89 said

    Hi!My question is a little different from the others but I had a csection about 2 years ago.And today I have found a hard knot where my scar is.I only feel the knot on one side the rest of my scar feels smooth.I am a worry wort so before I go get it checked I would like opinions on what it could be.It hurts when I push on it.If anyone has had this problem or if it’s something serious please let me know.Thank you!

    • Hilary said

      I just went to the doctor about the same issue. I thought it was a hernia. I’ve had 2 c-sections in 2003 & 2005. The doctor told me it’s the stiching trying to work its way out after all these years. I have 2 hard knots (probably from 2 c-sections).

  100. christna said

    Hi i was wondering if anyone has had this problem. I have had 3 c cetion this one that i had jan 12th has cause so many problems. they cut my bladder and still haveing troubels hurt when i go to the bath room but no infection. i have a staff infection now a yeast. I have so much pain in my hips and it hurt when i have intrcrouse. I dont know what to do if i cant have sex its bad we wait 6 weeks for the ok and now it hurt to have sex what do you think it could be. please help i keep getting told theres nothing wroug and going from doctor to doctor.

  101. Deborah said

    Is it possible to rip your scar tissue or tear it? I am doing the P90X workouts and my last csection was almost 8 years ago. The surgeon then cut out all the scar tissue from the last c-section. It has never bothered me before. But, the other day when I was doing decline pushups it felt like something ripped and it hurt badly. So is it possible?

  102. Tona said

    I had 3 c-sections and during my last pregnancy two of my fiborids tumors grew, since then I have been having painful periods in my lower back, legs, heavy bleeding and numbness in my stomach,consipation and frequent unitnation, I have lost my sex drive. I am 39 years old and my Dr. told me that all my issues may be from the survery and not the fibroids, I do not belive time. What should I do.

    • Ally said

      Hi I am 53 years old and having the same problem, I have not lost interests in sex it just hurst so bad when we have sex. I went to the doctor and they said it was because I was not making enough lubrication, not ture. I know it is scar tissue It hurt so bad almost like sandpaper when he trys to enter me. We have tried different prescribe medication, that has not worked. I need to see a doctor that can give me some answers. I also had my particle hysterectomy. I also have the pain in my back and hips but didn’t know it was from scar tissue it make sense now. I am going back to my doctor and request they check me for scar tissue. This information was great!

  103. Charlene said

    I had my first child by c-section just over 2 years ago now. I have had no pain at all until this last week when I have started to experience stabbing pains across the whole of the scar. There is pulling when I lift my daughter and the pain is worse when I am sat down. Since having my daughter I have not exercised and have put weight on. I am now at a point where I am wanting to focus on losing weight and exercising to be healthier. I am now concerned that this pain is the start of problems and that exercising could make this pain worse.

  104. emma said

    hi, i had classic c-section 4 months ago due to my waters breaking early and cord prolapse. so my daughter was delivered by emergency at 6 months. she lived 1 hour 1nd 15 minutes. But I am now experiencing twinges, itching on the scar itself, and low abdominal pain. Is this ok or should I go to my doctor?


  105. amanda said

    jenna how much was the lapocpsy that you had had. I am paying with self-pay i am having the same problems you are having my doctor had told me it could be scar tissue or endrometriosis. either way i need to do the lapocspy

  106. tonia said

    Hi, I am 29 years old and I have had 4 c-sections, my last one was in august of 2007. I have no insurance and so seeing a doctor or ob/gyn is quite a hassle and expense i cant afford. I have severe cramping in my lower abdomin…right under my scars almost every day for atleast 2-3 weeks after my period. The cramping also goes to my lower back, it is very painful and the last 4 months my period has been crazy, i stop only for a couple days and then it starts right back up. does anyone know what is goping on, this pain is horriable

  107. Crystal said

    I had a c-section in July 2010. I also had a tubal ligation during the c-section. About 1 week after my c-section incision developed a large hematoma and burst open and had to be packed for 6-8 weeks following the burst. Now I still have sensitivity and pain. I also have more pain on my right side of my incision and hips and back on the right side. It doesn’t really occur with my menustral cycle. It happens more with exercise and movement. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do to help with this pain. I am in nursing school, doing clinicals and don’t have time to be down. Thanks so much!

  108. Michelle said

    Hi, I am currently a student massage therapist. As part of my graduation requirements I am doing a case study and my topic of choice is to try and reduce back pain by decreasing c-section scar adhesions. I was wondering if you have done any research or could suggest some books or websites with more information on the topic. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

  109. kelly said

    Hi I had my second emergancy c section 4 weeks ago . 7 days post op I had an wound infection my stomach was very red swollen and my wound was weeping this has now been sorted out with anti-biotics now I am experiancing sharp shooting pains and the hard tissue has returned above the scar . can you tell me what this is and should i be worried about this ? I can’t remember this happening last time thanks

  110. Jeketa said

    hi ive have 2 c sections in 04 and 06…i noticed scar tissue like a month after my second c section and since then everytime i have my menstrual my abdominal burns, it hurts when i cough or laugh and its sensitive to touch…i been to my doctor and he says to use warm compresses but it doesnt work…is that normal is what i wanna know

  111. doreska said

    I had a c-section about two years ago and my cut on the left side started having really bad pains to where its hard for me to get out of bed and to move while im sitting. So can anyone please give me advice

  112. sharon said

    hi,ive had 2 c sections the last being 8 months ago,i have been bleeding on and off since more so on then off.when i was 12 weeks post section i had the implant inserted and was wondering if that was causing the bleeding but seems to get heavier after exercise.also when i orgasm i get cramp like pains.any help would be great thanks.

  113. Lindsey said

    Hello i had a c section 19 months ago 7/2009… and in 01/2010 i started expericaning really bad abdomen pain… i went to the emergancy to many times to even count.. finally i was refered to a gastroal specialist and he decided to do a exploritory lyproscopy 2/2011 and found that my scar tissue had attached to my left ovary to he clipped the scar tissue connecting the two… he also said that i had massive scar tissue on my uterus…. i think im gonna go see an ob specialist to make sure nothing else is wrong.. but people that i have talked to have said i may wind up having to have a hysterectomy… but i want 1 more kid and woould like to try and have it vbac.. would really just like to get some feedback on all this! thank you

  114. Desirae said

    Hi I have had 3 csections and my tubes tied, but here in the past 3 yrs I have had cronic pain in my right abdomen that never goes away. My Dr was gonna do a laproscopy but stated that I have severe scar tissue and she was unable to to that. She recommended a Hysterectomy I think that is very drastic I am 28 yrs old and I might want another baby someday thru invitro.. I am tired of this pain is there any other way to get rid of the scar tissue or make the pain more bareable.. Thanks 🙂

  115. ashley Thompson said

    i had a c-cection in January 2008, and then in june 2010 i had surgery to remove scar tissue from my c-section , it was wrapped around my colon, because I would go like 2 to 3 or 4 weeks not going to the bathroom, so they did the surgery, and now a year later the pain starts all over again, and then now its come back I am going on 2 to 3 weeks, i need help i dont know what to do, i dont wanna keep having surgeries can anyone please help me

  116. ember said

    I had a c-section 13 months ago, all was fine until a few days ago. I regularly carry my daughter in her buggy over stairs at train stations but the other day the secondi picked it up i felt shooting pains from my scar down my left leg? As i put the buggy down when i finally got up over and down about 5 flights of stairs i almost passed out and a stranger had to hold me up.
    Since then ive just been trying to ignore the pain or try ibuprofen. I figured i’d pulled some muscles and as i was on my period that was what had made me dizzy etc
    Last night i thought i was fine, pain had eased off loads and my period stopped, and i did what seems now to be the most stupid thing really had had intercourse with my partner…instantly i bled which wouldnt have concerned me normally as i know it can happen so soon after finishing but the pain that came with it around my scar so quickly has made me worry a little! Im still in a fair bit of pain today & i’ve promised my boyfriend ill do something about it, however i rung NHS Direct yesterday and they said it was just a pulled muscle, keep taking painkillers & if it worsens go to a doctor. Do i try NHS direct again, Go to the Doctor or just wait it out incase its just bad cramps mixed with the pulled muscles and i just bled because i’d only just stopped and ‘disturbed’ it??
    If you could help in anyway it would be much appreciated.
    Thank you.

  117. Brittany said

    i have scare tissue on my csection and it hurts on my insesion really bad i have an abgyn appt tuesday to see what is going on it has never hurt as bad as it has in the past 2 weeks and what mine is .. is a knot rigt on top of my cection and it feels like needles pokeing me i had to go to the hospital because it hurt so bad and it is hurting worse then that here while latly i cant even button my pants i need to hurry up and get something done fast i cant stand it no longer … oh did i mention i cant gain weight and they dont no if it is because of that or no i have lost everthing and look horable i weigh 82 pounds i would do anthing to weiweigh 120 again !!!

  118. sherrell said

    i have been having bad pain in my right and left sides right above my hips, dull pain in lower pelvics and pain with intercourse. ive seen my doctor for pelvic exam, he sayed he might have felt a cyst on right ovary but left ovary is too high. had and ultrasound down to check for cyst. and none were found. what is this pain caused from. i had a c-section 3 yrs ago.could it be ahesions. and what could be done for it besides surgical adhesion takedowns. (thats a waste of money, they are only going to grow back) i remeber pain in my scars especially if i had a gas but this is not the same pain. this feels like knives stabbing me. any suggestions.

  119. Tiffany Ingram said

    I had a c-section 3 years ago, and just recently I noticed that when my period comes on I only get pain in the lower left hand side of my stomach by my cut, and there is also a lump there that seems to be big when my period is on but shirnks back to a golf ball size when my period goes off..I went to the ER and they told me that is was not a tumor or anything they thought was serious and my doctor basically told me the same thing any ideas as to what it could be and what can i do to get rid of it.

  120. said

    hey all…..i am posting here as i hoping for help….i am 27, i have had 5 c sects in 00,01,03,04,05,09…..i have never really had much pain in my scar area..just no feeling…i am about 50 lbs overweight…but have lost 80 lbs in the past yearan a half doing the protien diet…well the last week has been hell…it started out as pain in my left side …stabbing pain..then a dull ache….well now it has been all over my stomach…i went to the scan, pap, ultrasound…not having a reason i was sent home….well now the pain is just in the lower area….like a little above my scar..the docs cant tell me what wrong at the e r or my im heading to my gyn….its sore dull ache….an a little preassure..i had a tubal so not prego! just wondering if scar tissue could cause a wreck trying to figure it out…..please help……

  121. Martha said

    I am SO Freaking happy I found this site and all of you! I have been going thru absolute hell since the beginning of July. The pain began in my left hip area. I thought I had bruised myself by walking into something. Then I thought fibroids, since I have a history with them. Went to my obgyn who scheduled an u/s. U/s Showed that the one on the left had grown nearly double its size from a previous u/s in Jan last year. Scheduled an MRI for mapping for a fibroid embolization. The emobolization doct said that the fibroids could not be causing the pain I am in. Told me to go to my PCP. PCP scheduled a CT scan and sent me to a gastroentrologist. Had a colonoscopy. Showed nothing. That doc told me that it was in my head.. and that they werent going to continue to treat me for a problem caused by stress. At this point I had been in severe pain for three weeks!
    Tylenol does NOTHING for the pain. Vicoden does NOTHING. but make me dizzy. The only releif I have gotten was at the ER when they gave me didlaudid via IV and then a Rx for percosets. CT scan came back clean.

    I have nbeen out of work because of this pain since Aug 8th. I work at a cube farm. Sitting KILLS ME. I cant drive the 45 minute commute to work since that hurts. and I cant take anything stronger than Tylenol when I am on he floor. And tylenol is useless.

    Now I can go back to my PCP and obg with this!! Scar tissue form my c sect nearly 9 years ago!! I had complications after my c sect. it opened up. I tried to tell my doctors that it fells like a burning sensation. and was told it cant feel like a burning. Well it does. Burning and stabing. And the nausea..and dizziness. OMG I am not crazy!!!!

    Thank you so much for this site. Maybe now I will get the help I need and have been trying to get so that I can have my life back!


  122. Jami said

    I have had two C-sections. The last one being 5 years ago. Now I am having sharp twinges beneath my incision area. Is this from scar tissue and adhesions?

    Thank you!


  123. Martha said

    went to see my obgyn today. I really had to advocate for myself. But She is going to schedule laproscopic surgery. Although I am not sure she believes that adhesions are the cause of my pain. However there isnt anything else it could be. Like I posted before. I have had blood work done,u/s,MRI,CT scan and a colonoscopy… all coming back with “clear” nothing found that could be causing me this pain. Still needing the oxy to get through my day. She wants me off that, per her words “We need to find something to better handle the pain” Uh yeah. Getting rid of the cause! I do not want to depend on pain meds to be able to barely function!!!!
    Will post again when I get a date, and when I am done with it. Will also post any findings and such.


    • Martha said

      wanted to add a ps to this. I have also lost over 5 lbs in less than a month. With no exercise, since I can barely make it up and down the stairs due to the pain. Have also found that the oxycodone has killed my short term memory. Now have to write down that I have taken my pills and WHAT I took. Nearly OD on my BP pills last week. Be careful everyone. And ADVOCATE for yourselves!!!

      • Christine said

        Martha – did you have the surgery, what did they find. Hope all went well. Please let us know.

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  125. Janet said

    My daughter had a c-section May 23rd and today what started out as a pin hole in her scar has now the size of a pea. Her doctor said to monitor it for 6 to 8 weeks. I had a c-section with her 25 years ago and never had these problems. Can anyone help this Mom?

  126. Mirian Nieves said

    I had a c-section 3 years ago. I have started working out about 4 months ago. I have been feeling recently this burning sensation above my c-section scar. Two years ago I had a small surgery done since I noticed a small bump on my right side of my lower ab, the Dr. said that it came back saying it was endometrosis. What can I do to get rid of this burning sensation and sharp pain and is there anything to help with endometrosis or scar tissue?

  127. Myre said

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  129. Hollie said

    I had a c section 9 months ago and had a really bad infection 5 days after the c section. My periods are usually on time give or take 5 days and this months around its 12 days late so far and it hurts to the point where i hardly even want to walk. to just sit up or use any of my stomach muscles i get excrutiating pain right below my incision line. Everything from my belly button down both front and back hurts all the time.My incision is very bumpy and u can feel hard lumps that move around in there. I feel like the day that i woke up from surgery .

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  133. J.Y. said

    I had a C-section almost 6 weeks ago, and my final PP checkup is this Friday. I’ve had a hard bump/lump above the incision (not on the incision) at around week 2-3. My incision became infected week 2 and i was given antibiotics and it has been healing nicely.I’ve had 2 PP checkups, the first for the infection and the second to check how it was going. My doctor told me that the lump was probably a tissue mass because i had clear/red oozing coming out of the incision and she said it was probably coming from the mass. It has never bothered me until yesterday it seems a bit swollen and red and isn’t so much painful as it is sore/tender. I’ve also been having chills(only at night), aches and pains (after midday), but no fever. I’m just wondering if I should wait till my checkup or if I should got to the hospital.

  134. Kacey said

    my son is 15 months old and my second c-section. i get these sharp burning pains in my insition area.. and today i noticed spotting with it. and i am ovulating now too..sometimes the pain hurts so much i feel sick to stomach and can hardly move.. what could this be? i had my tubes tied too with this c-section.. could that be the cause?

  135. J.Y. said

    I ended up going to the hospital the same night I posted this, which was a good idea because I have “Cellulitis”.

  136. Cyst said


    […]Scar Tissue and Cesarean Birth ( C-Section ) « Transitional Healing[…]…

  137. Sammie Nash said

    Hi i had a c section 10 weeks ago and i keep getting sharp pains in my stomach what is it ?x

  138. unendajer said


  139. Taireedygerne said

  140. Mary said

    I have had two c-sections. One in 1984 and the other in 1991. I have had issues ever since and they seem to have gotten worse not better. I have a hard time releasing my bowels and wake up in the night with a lump or hardness in my colon. I am constantly 24-7 reminded of my colon or what I first thought was stomach issues. But, as time has gone by, I realize, it is not in the front as much as in the rear or on my left side. I have gone on walks to get the bowel to move and have experienced the bowel coming down to the point of me not being able to stop it, once it starts, thus resulting in going in my pants. This has happed numerous times. It is not pleasant. Afterwards my insides feel assaulted, inflamed like when a cat scratches you and it is stinging and irritated. My bowel is tacky or clay like it as if it is not getting enough moisture. I try to remember to drink water but when I do I pee myself. I was told by my gynecologist who gave me a laporoscopy back in 1993, that I have so much scar tissue my uterus is ensconced in scar tissue and is embedded along my back wall. When I had my second c-section there was to much scar tissue to find the baby so I was cut not only above my pubic area but a second incision was created from pubic bone to bellybutton. Leaving me with an upside down “T”. My bladder is completely ensconced in scar tissue so it cannot expand. I gave up trying to find help as all doctors wanted to do exploratory surgery. But, now 2011, I am experiencing the constipation and constant irritation in my colon. I need relief. Also, after I had my second c-section I had intense pain in my left ankle and could barely walk, during my pregnancy I had numbness in my upper left thigh which the doctor said was sciatica. During 911, I went to Hopkins and they took core samples of skin from that leg and diagnosed me with a crushed femoral lateral nerve. I am at my wits end with the constant issues. I use to run but can no longer handle the constant jarring. As the bowel will not release and builds I start to feel everything on my left side is being pushed away from my body. My ankle hurts, my wrist, my left shoulder around my arm. I have talked with my physician and he gave me Citalopram 10 mg saying I seemed anxious. Which I don’t think I am. I have been given Dicyclomine 20 mg by my gynecologist who explained that the scar tissues is not letting the colon one and close as it should. I came off the Citalopram as I hated the effects. I do use the Dicyclomine but I just want to be healthy without drugs.

  141. I had a c-section back in 2005 and had my tubal 4 weeks later. I immediately noticed a lump where my doctor had done the tubal. I had one follow up exam after that and didn’t go back. (not smart) After 6 years of suffering with this lump that only got more painful I finally went in last month and was diagnosed with Endometriosis of my c-section scar. I also had an abnormal pap which led to a colposcopy 2 weeks ago which probably is unrelated to the Endometriosis I’m sure.
    Anyway, I had surgery for the Endometriosis yesterday and i am pretty sore today, he also did a cone biopsy while I was under. I promise to let you all know how it turns out, it’s too soon now to tell, i am really swollen and bruised.

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  148. grace said

    I have had pain in my left ovary for the past several years and was told by two different doctors that 1, it was my ovary that had functional cysts that were causing the pain and could only be controlled by birth control. The other doctor said I had fluid around my c section scar on the inside of my uterus that also caused pain and or irrigular menstruation. The solution was to remove the top part of my uterus. I have never heard of this. Is is better to get the top part of my uterus out and is that the only way to remove extra fluid around my c section scar in my uterus?

  149. Kalena said

    I had a section 3 months ago. I was in labor for 5 1/2 hours before they discovered my baby was breech. I had all back labor during that time. Since about a month ago I have been having sharp pians on the left side of my incision and also what feels like in my uterus (the pain feels like it is behind my pelvic bone). Also sharp pains in the buttocks, and sacrum. At times it us so painful that I have to stop whatever I am doing. It makes me want to curl up into a ball because it hurts so bad. At other times, it is just more of an annoying pain. Can you give me any idea as to what it may be? Should I address the possibility of adhesions with my doctor? Thanks so much!!

  150. Asyeda said


    I had a C section 18 months back and I have only slight occasional pain along my scar. In the first year the scar area was sensitive all through and slightly more tugging or pulling along the scar would hurt but not any more. I had read extensively about adhesions and massage to break up adhesions and have been doing massage whenever I lay my hands on my scar – either in bed at night or when I go to the toilet – even if it only for a few seconds; and I have noticed that my scar is slightly more mobile now although that “pinched” appearance is still there.

    I had two questions:

    1. Can I ever get back the same old skin which is not indented at the scar. Do I have to massage or wait for it to get better on its own?

    2. If I have a VBAC next, will it break all/most of the adhesions inside?

    Thanks for reading this post and will hope for an encouraging reply.

  151. Christine said

    I had a healthy baby boy on january 5th, and now about 3 weeks later of feeling awesome and healing great, im getting this burning stinging sensation above my incision, almost like a bad sunburn, and it has been there a couple days now, i have an appt next week but id like to know if anyone has any insight to what it might be from.

  152. Mrs.S said

    Hello, hoping you can suggest what tests I should request from Dr, to try and sort out my issue. Had had 4 c-sec, btw 1995(emergency) & 2006, thankful all healthy bubs. Had no real problems except periods were painful twice to 3 times per year before & after c-secs, the rest no pain at all. The past 2 years pain happening more often until 7 out of last 8 periods had excessive pain where I’ve had to take a day off work most times, because the pain is borderline doubling over / doubled over, including heavy feeling in legs, burning sensation all around scar line, bloating, pain from hip to hip. Panadol/ ibuprofen doesn’t work& pills Dr gave were too strong to function. I can’t afford and dont like to be ‘off my face’. I’ve been going to the gym + doing maui thai, also past 3 years (on & off)’ done quite a bit of work strengthening my core which has been great, especially past 10 months. Also noticed if I do too much certain core work I can certainly feel it working in a certain sensative area where I have to stop otherwise I feel I may orgasm. Yes that’s correct and I still find it hard to believe. Also fractured my sacrum March 2011, and still notice muscle tightness in that area when i exercise. So I am wondering with all the core strengthening etc, it may have moved the scar tissue etc, so now the painful periods are the downside?? Also the muscle tightness when i don’t exercise (daily)? What should I request of the Dr? Hoping you can help.

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  154. Khristey said

    I had my baby a year ago she was my second c section it took me forever to heal i have numbness in my lower belly and just today i noticed a hard lump on my scar is this normal ? or is it something i should worry about i might have had trauma to my belly but im not sure i was to out of it to know but i had a brain anurisym a few days after i had her that day i was told i also had a violent seizure when i was finaly able to get out of bed my belly hurt bad but i dont know if anything was wrong

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  156. danielle said

    I had 3 c-sections in 2003, 2004 and 2007 i want to have 1 more baby but i remember the doctor telling me i had alot of scar tissue and if i had another baby it would take awhile to do the c-section. does scar tissue go away after time or do you need to have a medical percdure done to get it removed? I just don’t want to get pregnant have another c-section and something go wrong.

    • Carmen said

      Hi I have been haIving the same concerns if me and my husband have a second baby. Last night I was researching a massaging technique that is supposed to help compared to having surgery. Please refer to this website (listen to your gut)I hope this helps. 🙂

  157. Susan said

    I have had two cesareans. My second child was born 5 years ago and over the years I noticed lower back pain but didn’t think it was from the surgeries. Recently it has progressed to the point of me crying and going to the Dr. multiple times trying to figure it out. I came across this site and this makes the most sense to me. I had a spinal xray, a pelvic ultrasound and was finally put on muscle relaxers when nothing was found. The muscle relaxers don’t seem to help. My pain is low back and I feel a tight pulling right at the crest of my pelvic bone. The pain radiates into the lower abdomen from time to time as well. Who can I see about this who will understand? My family doctor is clueless. Also, is there a solution after this many years have passed?

  158. Sylvia said

    My daughter had her third c-section birth on Dec. 22 and picked up somethingthat was a tad heavier than she expected and immediatly felt sharp pains in her abdominal area. She has gone for an ultra sound and it looks like swhe may have an internal hernia that is pulling on some of her internql organs. Should she bind it to hold it in place to stop any more tearing until her doctor decides what action to take ?

  159. Lisa W said

    Hi I had a c-section two years ago and recently in the past few months I have been getting this sharp pain almost like a burning and pulling pain. Once it occurs I feel it if I cough, sneeze, lean over something and when I am using my abdominal muscles. It almost feels like the same pain as I had when I was healing from my c-section. Has anyone experienced this?

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  161. jenny said

    after 9 months gave birth to my daughter due cesarean section i feel pain during sex and a little pain in my scar or tummy i don’t know exactly where the pain is just felt it in my belly..what do you think it is?

  162. Ananyah Hawkins said

    Hi my name is Ananyah. I recenetly had a c-section 6 months ago. Since then I have started to have anxiety attacks and also notice I have these pains on my side the right and left like where my ovaries are but I dont think thats where the pain is. Sometimes it goes down into my thigh messing with the nerve. I have been to the emergency room 4 times freaking out. Please tell me you know what I am experiencing? Also I feel sore like a bruise between my c-section cut and my navel, like if I touch or rub it. Is this normal?

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  165. AnxiousMommy said

    Hi. I have been having problems that I thought were caused possibly by a bowel obstruction or hernia. My left lower side by my pelvis started hurting about 3 weeks ago, followed by the left side of my abdomen feeling uncomfortable and has pain that comes and goes. Now my hip on my left side hurts and is a little swollen and also my left lower back hurts. On top of all that, my bowel movements are VERY irregular. To the point that my stomach is so bloated I’m sure I look 4 months pregnant. I can’t wear tight pants or even tight jogging pants because it will make that whole area feel uncomfortable. I have been thinking I was having a serious problem with my bowels, so I’ve been taking loads of fiber and just finished my bottle of Miralax. I went to the ER last night to see about the pain, and because the pain in my hip and back scared me. They did a Cat Scan….found nothing! He couldn’t tell me anything. I am going to my family doctor today and I will show him this website. Maybe this is what is wrong with me. I had a c-section in 2004. It’s odd that i would be experiencing problems now. Can anyone give me info or tell me what this sounds like to you? Thank you and sorry for cutting it short, I am leaving for the Dr right now. God Bless you all.

    • cjfox said

      I have the same problem and see my family doctor next week. I to have loaded up the fiber. Still have the right side hip / butt pain that just won’t go away. Let us know what you find.

    • Mary said

      I have the same problems with constant pain, bowel issues, bloating. My left side feels like I was scratched on the inside by cat claws. My youngest daughter of 2 girls is 20. I had two c-sections. The pain started some time ago. I have been to multiple doctors to get some relieve and have not had any relief. I take dicyclomine which my gynecologist gave me because he said I have so much scar tissue on all my organs that my colon is unable to open and close as it should be able to. I have the stomach that looks like I swallowed a bowling ball. I have been following along with this blog and each person has the same symptoms and thus far no relief.

      • I’m sorry to hear that. I can very much relate though. What procedures did your obgyn do to see all that scare tissue? (if you don’t mind my asking)

      • Mary said

        Sorry for the delay in writing back. I had a exploratory laporoscopy to determine what was going on inside me. That is when my gyn made the discovery that the scar tissue had ensconced my organs. He said, he could put the picture in the JAMA. He had never seen so much scaring. The only way to remove the scar tissue is to do another c-section as lazoring the scar tissue is dangerous. It is so dense he could punch a hole in my bladder and that would not be fixable. Apparently, my uterus is bound to the back wall of my body. The scar tissue has ensconced my bladder and scar tissue leaped across these two organs like a bridge. My daughters are now 27 and 21. The pain is pretty much everyday. What is bothering me is the constipation. I get like a lump on my left side. Like the bowel is just sitting there. If I go for a walk, the bowel will release. However, I have to make my destination towards a bathroom cause once it starts working it’s way down I cannot stop it. Then, I feel like my insides are inflamed and like cat scratched. It is really annoying, disappointing, and irritating. Sunday, Sept 2nd, I rode my bike 6 miles and then walked 4 miles. My husband, said I must be able to deal with a lot of pain, if I constantly feel this way. On the walk, I had to stop several times or I would poop in my pants. After-while, it all leaves me feeling overwhelmed and disappointed to say the least. I have friends who wanted me to go hiking but I told my husband if I am constipated and start walking and could and have s—t in my pants. And, that would be so embarrassing. So, I am finding myself thinking through what I can and cannot do limiting my activities. I have the number of an internist I plan to call this week for an appointment. I am torn though. Do I see a colon doctor, an internist, my gynecologist? Last year, my gynecologist retired and sold his business. The new doctor recommended I take dycyclomine which relaxes the colon and helps to release the bowel. I really wish I could control this thing with exercise and diet instead of throwing drugs at the problem.

      • Mary, I am so sad to read your symptoms. I can only imagine how scary and hard everything must be, having to think before you can do any activity. And not being able to go and do what you want because of this. I have not had any kind of procedure done to see how much scar tissue I have. I’m afraid. What you said about the lump on your left side, as if your bowel is just sitting there is exactly what I have. I never found a good way to explain it, but yes it is a lump and if I bend over when the lump is present it hurts in that area. Like I’m pushing down on something. I have inflammation or swelling on my hips, down the sides of my legs and in the crease of my legs, kind of where your pelvic meets your hip bone. Have you ever heard of that? To be honest, I wouldn’t know what to do either, if you already went to your gyno and he suggested another c-section, I would go see an internist. To possibly get more information and a second opinion. I never thought i would be diagnosed with something like this right before turning 30. It’s very depressing to know if my husband and I would like to try for another baby, I would have to endear this pain, and it will probably end up a miscarriage. I get so sad sometimes when I see or hear about a someone who got pregnant and they are complaining or not wanting another child, it just doesn’t seem fair to the ones who want a child. The ones who do not want a baby, get a baby and the ones who want a baby, cannot have one. I call my son my miracle child. I will pray for you. Do you find anything that works to eliminate that lump on your left side? Did your Dr. tell you what that is? Until next time, God Bless.

      • Mary said

        Dear Anxious Mommy: I thank you for your prayers. In answer to your question, the only explanation that I have had most recently that made sense is from the new gyno. He said the colon has scar tissue attached to it. The scar tissue keeps the colon from opening and closing as it should thus making it difficult to release the bowel. I think it is the bowel sitting in one place. I notice know matter how much I liquid I drink, my bowel seems tacky, dry. Today, I am going for a walk which I am having to do more often because that will help the bowel to release. It is not that I mine walking, I wish I didn’t have to do it at 7 am ha-ha! And, I think what will I do when it gets colder??? I know what you mean about those who don’t want kids get pregnant. My husbands niece just had a baby at 21. Not that she is irresponsible or anything but she isn’t married, doesn’t have a very good job, the dad seems like a bit of a goof. Maybe he is not.And, they certainly love the baby! But, my daughter of 27, who has been with her husband since 10th grade, got married in September 2011, both are very responsible, madly in love and have good jobs. She got pregnant and miscarried. She was so worried she that would happen again and she might not be able to conceive. I thought how ironic that my husband’s niece should conceive and my daughter hadn’t. But, I am happy to report my daughter is now pregnant and due in February. Have you miscarried in the past is that why you think it might happen again. Or, is it because of the scar tissue? I am glad you are enjoying the precious child you now have!

  166. Mary said

    Oh, I do want to say that recently, I have thought of going gluten free changing my diary to almond milk and watch cheeses. I will say I have been having some relief with this change in my diet. I have slipped here and there and when I do I find that I have what feels like equivalent of a baseball in my colon area. Something, just stuck there. I suspect the bowel is sitting in one place unable to move as my colon may be narrower as it gets closer to the exit area. I have had bowels release really long and thin like pretzel rods. Sorry, to be so graphic, but just trying to keep it real and see if anyone has had this experience or can I get some relief from this continuous, all day

    • AnxiousMommy said

      Hi y’all! I ended up going to the Dr. the day I wrote my previous post. (The night before I was in the E.R. and no one could tell me anything, waste of money). After I told the Dr. everything that has been going on, he knew exactly what it was. He looked at my tummy, high and low. The places he showed me and that he was talking about, on my tummy, were the exact places that hurt and felt uncomfortable. He said I have Endo. I have scar tissue in my bowels, they are like little pockets, which makes it hard to have a bowel movement. I also have scar tissue in other ares of my stomach. He put me back on birth control pills. Today makes a week since I have been back on them. And I can tell things are going back to “normal” (the way I felt when I was on BC pills before). I’ve always had IBS problems. It is always hard to go. But I have been using the bathroom without any stimulates, laxatives, etc… the only thing I am using now is a stool softener. I guess my bathroom habits are going back to regular IBS symptoms, rather than the horrific cannot go Endo symptoms. My stomach is not as swollen or bloated. I guess it looks pretty much like it did before. The only complaint I have now is my lower back hurts every now and then, I feel nauseated every once in a while, I get fuller and bloated quicker and sharp pains here and there. Its not 100% better yet, I don’t know if it will be. Now that I know these symptoms are from Endo, all the IBS and bloating I’ve had for years is from it I suppose. I guess that part will never get any relief. I can also relate to you Mary, about the long and thin bowel movements. I had that too, it was either like that or just like a drop. Since I have been back on BC pills, that has changed and also I can bear down a whole lot better now when trying to have a bowel movement. Before I would try and try and only a drop or nothing would come out. I’d be in the bathroom in tears, saying prayers. I too have been changing my diet like Mary said. It’s great you talk about Almond milk, I love that stuff. I’ve been buying that, NO cheese, red meat, eggs, mayo (pretty much all dairy). I’m just hoping it will stay like this, or possibly get a little better. I can deal with this if I have to. I’m scared of surgery. As long as I can actually release my bowels, not have anything swollen and not in severe pain, I think i can deal with it. I am worried about having to stay on BC pills forever to control the Endo. I am also worried about never conceiving. I can’t imagine the pain and constipation from Endo while pregnant. I also hear women with Endo have trouble getting pregnant. I had my son in 2004. I got pregnant again in 2007, and I had a miscarriage. I thought it was from the beta blockers I am on (but the Dr said the beta blockers wouldn’t have caused that), now I’m thinking maybe it was the Endo? Good luck to everyone.

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  168. christine said

    Update for me…. I have recently been to the doctor to discuss my lower back pains. I also gave her my other symptoms of bloating, constipation, foggy brained at times, slight depression, and fatigue. She sent me in to do a blood test for thyroid. I just found out that I have hypothyroid which causes all these symptoms. I am considered borderline for right now so I am not being medicated. I was told to try to cut certain things out of my diet such as sugar and caffiene. Cutting out caffiene alone has made a huge difference. I have loaded up on fiber, started taking a probiotic, and I was also told to use Miralax as needed. It is nothing that will hurt long term with use. It simply draws water into the intestine to aid in pooping. It has made such a difference in my lower back pain! I started taking it every other day and now just as needed (when I feel constipated and the lower back pain coming back). I conclude that the back pain was mostly caused by consti[ation and bloating pushing on my organs. I am feeling a lot better now! I have started walking 30 minutes everyday as well. Also helps a lot! Good luck to all.

    • I’m glad you are feeling better and it was not something serious! I am borderline hypothyroid too. So I am not on any medication either. I wish it would just go ahead and push through to be over the border- because I know A LOT of my symptoms are from my thyroid.

  169. Jackie said

    What about my lower tummy? It still hurts 16 months later. I did have a horrible infection from my c section as well I just started walking and lifting heavier things and I’m suffering from a lot of pain on and Off should I be worried.

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  171. Update from my last post- Well, the glory of being tolerably pain free did not last long. The birth control pills that I had been on for years, Ovcon 50, has been discontinued. Pharmacist said they are trying to do away with the higher number birth control pills. So, I am now on Necon 1/35. From 50 to 35 is a BIG difference. I didn’t think it would be. Now, I can feel all the uncomfortable stuff again, my tummy gets bloated so easily and once again, swollen parts here and there, lower back pain, hard- but not as hard as it was- to use the bathroom. I don’t know why sometimes I’ll be swollen and sometimes I won’t- and I’m swollen kind of like by my hip area. My husband can even feel the puffiness when I place his hand there. I feel weird pains now that I have never felt before. Creeps me out. What is the best birth control pill for Endo? (I know, thats the question we all want answered) but has anyone had good results with a certain one? I do not want depo or anything inserted in me. Has anyone found some type of manageable relief yet with a birth control pill??

  172. Brianna said

    I had my son about 6 and a half months ago. I am in the military so as soon as my doctor cleared me i began SLOWLY working out. Ever since giving birth i have had pain in my uterus bladder and sides where my ovaries are. I was treated for endometrius 2 weeks after having my son, and numerous bladder infections after that (UTIs) -but I have struggled with UTIs all my life so that is nothing new. Recently the pain has gotten steadly worse. This month has by far been the worst month. I took a walk this morning for 1 mile around my community and I have been in an incredible amount of pain eversince (even just standing hurts…i have no relief upon sitting or laying down). taking over the counter meds like IB profen aleve and advil barely help at all. I have been through multiple urine analysis tests, blood work, pelvic exams, ultrasounds, and have been tested for all sorts of things and have pretty much ruled everything out. I go back to my doctors tuesday and am praying someone can give me some answers. I cant be in this much pain everyday especically with being in the military and needing to train and stay fit. If it is scar tissue what, other than anti-inflamatories can i do to get rid of this pain?? What kind of tests should my doctor be doing in order to find out if it is scar tissue or something else??

  173. Lisa said

    I am 47 years old and I had a csection 8 yrs ago to twins. I started a boot camp class and since then my scar and sore and it feels like something dropped… giggles when i run and it looks odd from just looking at it….I know it sounds crazy but looks like something dropped….anyone else experience?

  174. Jannie said

    I am a 23 year old hispanic female in the military and i have recently given birth by cesarean section for the second time back in March. I Keloid and i have been having alot of pain on my left side when i do sit-ups, jumping jacks, stand up quickly, sneeze, or cough. Could all of this discomfort be because of the keloid scarring? I have read that keloids do not stretch and that people can keloid internally, is this the cause of my discomfort?

  175. Vashati said

    I have a scar that is across my entire abdomen from 2 c-sections. It is very thick like a band inside my abdomen. The doctors told me it is the worst scar tissue they have ever seen. They did one up and one down. After na auto accident, my scar tissue pain has increased. The only thing that seemed to help for a short time that is was botox injections in the scar tissue area and palates. Heating pads help at times. The pain is worse since I had a back injury. The abdominal pain where the scar tissue is hurts more during premenstrual syndrome. I hope it doesn’t cause me problems later.

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  177. Carmen said

    Hi my name is Carmen! I have 1 year old and I have been experiencing similar symptoms that are being described above after I had my C-section. I have always been very athletic and 6 weeks after I had my son I began to play soccer again. Of course I was not in the greatest shape and I did what I could on the field. I never had any problems with my wound healing but I realize that my insides are a different story. Now I am worried about my fertility and that I could have possibly reuined my chances of having VBAC. I would appreciate any comments that could guide me in the right direction. Thank You so much for all your posts they are very helpful. God Bless

    • christine said

      I tried to have a VBAC on my second and regret it. Everything was looking great but I couldn’t push her out and I had excrutiating pain in my right hip with every contraction. (Even with epidural) Anyway, baby got mad and her heart rate started to drop and we had to do an emergency c-section. I felt horrible and felt even worse putting her through all the stress of me wanting to have a VBAC. I think trying to have her naturally made my pain problems worse. I joined this page because I origionally thought I was having scar tissue pains but I now think I have a pinched nerve instead from the carrying and attempted natural delivery. I see a specialist at the spine center next week. Hopefully I’ll get my answer after 2 years of suffering with lower back pain.

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  179. Betsy said

    This is whats been hapening to me for years has gotton so bad that somedays I cant move. First time I noticed the pain was so bad I ended up in er been thru every test. could imagine just for my doctors to tell me I was depressed. Im so mad I feel like I have lost about five years of my life because of it.

  180. Lisa said

    I was wondering if scar tissue forms outside of the body after having a c-section.

  181. AnxiousMommy said

    That’s a good question. I have been experiencing a rather unusual problem in the last several months. Only on my left side. I have stretch marks on my abdomen and once a month, not around my period time, but just like clockwork- once a month…. the stretch marks start itching like crazy!! They get red and inflamed. I have the same stretch marks on my right side and those do not bother me. Has anyone experienced this? Btw, just to update from my last post in August ’12. I’m still on Necon 1/30. My bowel movements are worse than before. My stomach stays bloated. Maybe one week or so out of the month my stomach looks normal. I still am inflamed in my hips & down my thighs. I have pains every now and then in the same places all through the month, not just during my period. I can live with that, but the bowel movement situation is bad. Having all that extra toxin in me, makes me so tired and irritable. I started taking milk of magnesia, because nothing else will work. It has been the only relief I can get. For some reason, it has not worked this month 😦 Can anyone tell me what a gynecologist does when Endo is found or suspected? Is it an automatic “we need to look inside you and see how much scar tissue you have.”? Or do they try other methods first to ease it? Are there other methods?
    I pray for each and every one of you on this board to feel peace and relief!
    Thank you.

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  185. Maureen said

    Hi There,

    I delivered my first baby via emergency contact section 18 months ago and due to the blood thinners they had me on during my recovery in hospital, my wound never healed on its own properly and blood began to pool under the staples. Eventually they had to reopen the incision and pack me. During the packing, the home care nurse noticed signs of infection so they opened me up further, drained and repacked me and had me on antibiotics. The incision stopped requiring packing after about six weeks.

    Once I was able, I rubbed vitamin oil over my horrendous scar and would massage.

    I got back into my fitness routine as soon I was able and have been active ever since.

    Recently, I have begun to run and am starting to experience a high level of discomfort beneath my incision. I can’t explain it well. It is not a sharp pain but it feels like a deep, uncomfortable dull pain that I can feel when I press but also when I run.

    Any suggestions as to what this could be and possible treatment to pursue?

    I live in a very remote community and so health practitioners are very hard to come by. Especially skilled ones. I don’t trust my surgeon since he had me on heprin post op for no reason which is what set this whole cycle in motion.

    If I can do anything myself or attend an appointment with a physician with some suggestions, that would be incredibly appropriate.


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  190. Dana said

    It’s been over 4.5 years since my c section. I suffered horribly with ripped stitches and infection for about 3-4 months after. From doing too much carrying and bending and also being diabetic. I gained 60 pounds from the pregnancy and lost most of that weight the first 2 weeks and the rest within the month.
    My periods have been very heavy after csection. Now my scar tissue is so thick and hard, it bothers me and I think is causing my period heavy as well as back, leg and hip pain. I am scheduling an internal and external ultrasound this week per advice from Gyn. If the scar tissue is bad and causing problems mentioned, what are the typical treatment options?

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    I had my daughter at 39 weeks due to her size and my inability to walk with her being of normal size and my Spina Bifida making my torso smaller. I also had my tubes burned so that I wouldn’t have to worry about a child having my condition, with my luck that she came out perfectly healthy. I do have scarring on them, which doesn’t bother me as I also have PCOS, but I have constant bone pain from what I’m guessing her being in position and her head pressing so hard on the pelvic floor. It is so bad that I cannot do leg lifts on my left side, lie on that side or even climb stairs. Sometimes I can’t even walk because of SEVERE pain. I also have Sciatica on that same leg now. Is there anything new or what could it be that is causing all of this? My daughter will be 1 in October.

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  195. sandy said

    I had a c section in 94 and again in 06. No natural births. Since my first c section I have been experiencing pain in the lower abdimon. Have been to many doctors over the years and they seem to find other things wrong that may be caused because of the pain. I have had my gall bladder removed and 2 months later the pain came back. I then had a laporoscapy because of endometriosis but again the pain came back. Last year I had PID which caused my appendix to inflame and need to be removed and again after a couple of months the pain came back. It is now in my lower back and into my hips as well. Also the right upper side of my abdomin where I had my gall bladder removed is alot bigger then the left side.I have had many ultrasound(internal and external of my lower abdomin but nothing ever shows up. I also get yeast infections where my incision scar is and in my belly button even though I try to keep them clean and dry at all times. Could all of this be caused by an overgrowth of scar tissue??? Very frustrated…..

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  198. Robin Poli said

    I had a keloid scar pretty badly from the time of my c section. I have been using the Dr max Powers Scar Serum twice a day on the scar, and 18 weeks later the scar is very small and the right side is starting to fade. 

  199. Nicole Vesper said

    I have had 3 sections, 2003, 2010, and 2012. I was wondering if it was normal to feel a tightening/stretching then a quick release with no pain(besides the initial stretching) while doing whole core workouts? I was doing insanity this morning, cardio abs to be exact, and I guess the above is the best way to describe what I felt. Any input would be appreciated! Thank you.

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  202. melissa said

    So what stretching or workout works to relieve this pain. I’ve been suffering for 2 yrs comes one a month and length of time is different each month.

  203. Nunes said

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  206. Rukeya said

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    ( t cut) …was in surgery more then five hours!!! I just had another surgery done to remove collection but after four weeks I had a scan today but I have collection of fluid on my right side that is very painful …. What can I do to get rid of it? Doctor said it will go away

  207. No more pain pls said

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  209. Dani said

    Hi I had a c section in 2013 about 6 months after I had a lump on my right side of scar doctors said its a granuloma for a year and a half it has become very saw and sharp pains when I touch it and gets worse when on period I have also a 5 cm cyst on right ovary. And my periods are now getting lighter. Doctors have said they will remove the granuloma but will this help and they haven’t given any diagnostics just that it could be endometriosis ?

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