Transitional Healing

Facilitating Life’s Transitions

Healing through our Stories

Posted by Angela on February 28, 2007

Hello – I’m back from a month long sabbatical!  I started courses with Wisdom Unviersity and am so excited about the new material that I will have to share and discuss.  So, with that in mind I have some questions for self-observation and dicussion:  What are the stories you tell yourself about your body?  Do those stories support health, or dis-ease? 

What area of your body do you store stress?

Where do you typically feel joy first in your body?

What part of your body do you associate the feeling of anger with?

What is your favorite part of your body?

What areas of your own body might you have difficulty connecting with?

Where in your body do you feel most comfortable focusing your attention and intuitive listening?

All of these questions lead us to a more thorough story or myth of our own body.  Contemplating these questions can take us into memories and thoughts and help us get to know the physical aspect of ourselves better and deeper. 


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