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Winter Stress Relievers

Posted by Angela on January 15, 2007

We are now well into Winter – and what an interesting and unusual and  sadly in some cases tragic winter it has been so far!   I have a feeling that we better hold on because there is likely more to come. 

If Winter blahs or stress is getting to you here are some of our favorite ways to beat them:

  • Get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of the  winter wonderland (of course dress warmly and make sure you have a good emergency survival pack in your car)
  • Get together with friends and enjoy a movie
  • Michael says his favorite three options are  1. Chardonney 2. Merlot 3. Cabernet (all of which would lead to one of my options, which is to take a nap).  Of course we all know to limit our alcohol intake 8)
  • Get plenty of light – either direct or through full spectrum lighting
  • Get plenty of rest to replenish the neurotransmitter chemicals in your brain (such as seratonin)
  • Embrace the joy of life -however that applies to you 🙂
  • Get a Massage – or better yet, A Craniosacral Therapy Session!

We also found a wonderful addition to our stress relieving tool bag this winter.  It is the  Shealy Relax-Mate II  developed  by Dr. C. Norman Shealy.  I had the honor of meeting Dr. Shealy last fall and was so impressed with his lecture that I wanted to try the Relax-Mate II.  Both Michael and I have found it to help us in many ways including better sleep, more calm and relaxed during the day, and overall boosts our feeling of well-being and attitude about life.

Of course we both also really support the theory “Laughter is the Best Medicine” – and life around our house gets downright jovial – especially when we spend more time inside in the winter months. 


3 Responses to “Winter Stress Relievers”

  1. amadorwr said

    Sit by the fire and find one common relationship between five different thinks you can see in the room or outside the window. The result is an orginal thought and a joyous feeling

  2. amadorwr said

    Typo error. Correct in yourself.

  3. Angela said


    What a beautiful idea. Thank you so much for sharing – I think I’ll try connecting five things tonight.

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