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  • Angela Billings and Michael Plyer are the founders of Transitional Healing in Boise, Idaho. Both are instructors in their signature program Intuitive Craniosacral Therpay and Both have private practices in Boise.

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  • Note: Postings related to Archetypes and Sacred Contracts are based upon my years of study with the brilliant Caroline Myss through CMED institute as well as other courses and independant study. Any accuracies in my notes and opinions about archetypes are credited to Caroline Myss - any areas that need deeper or more understanding are my full responsibility.

Hello and Welcome

Posted by Angela on January 13, 2007

Just a little note to get acquainted.  Our intention is to share information with you that pertains to areas of interest related to our current studies and practices.  These include our workshops on Intuitive Craniosacral Therapy, Facilitating Healing the Body through various modalities, student forums and discussions, Sacred Contracts and other work of Caroline Myss, Natural Medicine and much more as we go.

We hope you will join us with comments, questions, and information. 


2 Responses to “Hello and Welcome”

  1. Doug said

    Dear Angela and Michael,

    I’m sitting in the Midwest with a friend who told me about Carolyn Myss. We clicked on your new blog to find out more. Good Luck with your new blog!

    Doug (and friend)

  2. AngelaB said

    Doug and Friend,
    Thanks for stopping in! So surprised (and Happy 🙂 to see a visitor just a couple hours after first starting our BLOG.

    I invite you to contribute and I promise there is lots more to come including explorations of many different archetypes and bodywork modalities.

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